Game Warns Of Suge Knight’s Power: “He Got Inside Connections, You Never Know What Suge Know” [Video]

Game Warns Of Suge Knight’s Power: “He Got Inside Connections, You Never Know What Suge Know” [Video]

West Coast rapper Game recently offered up some more words about former Death Row Records owner Marion “Suge” Knight following dicey comments shot his way a few weeks ago.

Despite having his music contract blasted by Knight, Game downplayed the situation and acknowledged the entertainment mogul’s veteran knowledge.

“Suge is an OG, he know a lot of stuff. He got inside connections,” Game said when approached by paparazzi. “You never know what Suge know. He might be right. He might be wrong. But he know some sh*t.” (TMZ)

Although on good terms with Knight, Game recently admitted Suge may have went too far by publicly discussing his contract on television.

“He was saying, something I think about me and Kendrick’s contracts not being right,” Game said in an interview with Tim Westwood. “Suge is normally the homie but discussing other people’s business all on TV? It is what it is. Number one, no new artist comes in and gets the deal of a lifetime. Nah. Especially artists these days. When I came in, I met somebody, I signed to them because they had faith they could take me to Dre and then I got with Dre and Dre put me with 50. So it was what it was.” (“Tim Westwood TV”)

During an appearance on “Arsenio” over the winter, Suge discussed today’s record label politics and singled out Game.

“The deals are still messed up. I think it’s unfair if you really look at it, if you look at Interscope, the two guys from Compton–Game, Kendrick Lamar–got two of the worst deals in the industry. And when you look at it, it’s not so much the production company fault, but what people don’t realize is that if you’re on Universal, it’s the ship. Then Interscope get they cut, then Aftermath get they cut, then G-Unit get they cut. Then the guy who really has Game signed, it was another production company, then it came to Game. The reality is there’s more slavery now than ever.” (“Arsenio”)

Knight took things a step further by comparing the record contracts to slavery.

“When you were a slave you knew it was bad. When you was a slave, you was like ‘sh*t, it’s bad.’ But it’s worse when somebody make you be a celebrity and put you on a status and you thanking a person for stabbing you in the back.” (“Arsenio”)

Check out Game’s interview:

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