Game Wants A Refund For Buying “Hunger For More 2″

Game Wants A Refund For Buying “Hunger For More 2″

West Coast rapper Game has resumed taunting Lloyd Banks by asking for a refund for his former G-Unit groupmate’s new album, Hunger For More 2.

Game also subliminally offered to help Banks’ pen game via Twitter.

“#firstkiss my azz then gimme my money back for that “SMH2″ album. #thingssomepeopledonthave BARS.#ifhadsuperpowers I would help em ALL,” Game tweeted taunting HFM2. (Game’s Twitter)

After Banks’ Hunger For More 2 debuted on the sales chart last week, Game taunted the rapper’s new release.

“Shout out to @lloydbanks for coming in #25 on soundscan the 1st week selling 45,188 copies with the new album. I knew u could do it champ !,” Game tweeted Wednesday (December 1).

“Again, I’m not hating…. I’m encouraging EVERYONE to go out & cop @lloydbanks new album “SMH2″ Oops, I meant “HFM2″… my bad sport” (Game’s Twitter)

Banks’ album charted in the Top 50 after one week in stores.

G-Unit member Lloyd Banks’ Hunger For More 2 debuted on the chart this week finding a spot at No. 26. After seven days in stores, the “Punch Line King’s” newest solo effort managed to sell 44,500 records. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Last month, Banks responded to Game’s pleas for 50 Cent to consider letting him re-enter the G-Unit alliance.

“I always catch wind of what’s going on and somebody brought my attention to it, I saw it on Twitter but I don’t really got too much negative to say about the situation because I’ve dedicated so much time to myself, to get somebody else attention due to negativity but what I can say is we did that dance already,” Banks said in an interview with radio host Suava. “We did that dance where we formed the group G-Unit to establish ourselves as solo artists and I think it’s time for us to pay 50 [Cent] back. It’s reverse now. I’m out here trying to better myself as an individual so that when we do form the monster known as the group G-Unit, it’ll be that much easier on us. So, if anything, that situation would be going backwards. It’s too late to cry over spilled milk. I would be interested to see if those same attempts to reach out to 50 Cent would be happening if he had a number one record on the radio.” (Hot 105.5)

Check out some recent Game footage below:

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