Game Thinks Jay-Z’s Shook, “There Are Only Certain Things He Can Really Say”

Game Thinks Jay-Z’s Shook, “There Are Only Certain Things He Can Really Say”

West Coast rapper Game’s frequent Jay-Z talk continues this week as he offers his take on why the rap mogul is ultimately opting out of engaging him in a rap beef.

In Game’s eyes, Jay’s current high profile status in hip-hop will not allow him to engage in a beef.

“I don’t think Jay wants that. Jay is too reserved and too iconic in his career to battle me. I’m reckless and I’m psycho on the mic, so I can say anything. There are only certain things he can really say, you know what I’m saying?” (Baller Status)

The rapper also considered what his reaction would be if Jay did go at him.

“I would slay him,” Game added. “I just think that at this stage in his career, his lyrics would have to be sanctioned. There’s only so far he can go with where he’s at now. Me, I can go to h*ll and back with my lyrics, so I don’t think it’s wise for him to respond, but I respect Jay lyrically. I always have and I always will. It’s just that the facts weigh in, I got a reckless tongue and it’s not to be f*cked with.” (Baller Status)

In early August, Game said meeting Jay for the first time is what ultimately turned him off.

“I had it like that he was just a great dude. I grew up off of all Jay’s albums, and when I finally met him and he was just, I don’t know, he was overly cocky,” Game explained in an interview. “The way that he played fans – and I’m not saying it to say he’s the same person now, that was like seven years ago – this is my own personal experience, so it’s not to make anyone hate Jay-Z. It turned me left. Ever since then, I’ve been taking little potshots here and there, it’s nothing personal.” (Jam N 945)

A week prior, Game also said Jay’s catchy name made it easy to use in raps.

“‘Jay’ rhymes with a lot of words,” Game said in an interview. “So whenever you’re writing, it always pops in somehow or another. I shoot shots in the dark sometimes, but they ain’t to be taken personal…Certain people you know that ain’t gonna respond — I don’t think Hov is gonna respond, and if he does, it’ll be another shot in the dark subliminally or indirect, and I think that’s coolbecause Hov is a legend.” (MTV)

Check out a recent Game interview below:

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