Game Stays Loyal To Super Bowl XLVII Losers

Game Stays Loyal To Super Bowl XLVII Losers

West Coast rapper Game decided to declare his loyalty to the Super Bowl XLVII-losing San Francisco 49ers by not only customizing his car to resemble the team colors but also adding their logo to his growing collection of body tattoos.

The Black Wall Street head posted a series of Instagram shots of his team-inspired additions a few days ago.

While most San Francisco 49ers fans were still grieving Monday morning, rapper The Game showed his continued support for the team in a unique way. The Game posted a picture of his 49ers-themed Dodge Challenger on Instagram yesterday. The rapper’s customized ride features two red stripes going down the center of the vehicle, 22-inch Forgiato wheels in the front and 24-inch Forgiato’s in the back. The Game also posted a photo of his new 49ers’s tattoo yesterday, which he had done at 7 a.m. on Monday. (Torque News)

Prior to the Niners losing in a near comeback win, Game tweeted his Super Bowl reactions.

“Dont get too excited. Here we come !!!! #49ers,” he tweeted February 3rd.


“Helluva game.” (Game’s Twitter)

Not alone in his admiration for the San Francisco crew, Atlanta’s 2 Chainz crashed one of their playoff game victories last month.

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree played a critical role in Saturday’s 45-31 destruction of the Green Bay Packers. He finished the game with nine receptions for 119 yards and two touchdowns, as he continues what has been a breakout season. Crabtree has become Colin Kaepernick’s go-to receiver, and he is turning into a force of nature on the field. After the game, Crabtree was one of the main on-field interviews. As the video above shows, Carlos Rogers was enjoying himself in the interview. The interview got even more interesting as rapper 2 Chainz showed up rocking the always awesome old school gold 49ers jacket. 2 Chainz was born in Georgia, so if the Falcons beat the Seahawks, I would not be surprised if 2 Chainz made an appearance at the Georgia Dome. (Niners Nation)

A few days ago, Def Jam rapper Asher Roth revealed his loyalty to the Niners Nation.

“My first inclination is 27-24, Niners. I really want [kicker] David Akers to hit the game-winning field goal, because it’s been such a crazy season for him. And he’s a great guy,” Roth said. “Also, man, I’m excited for guys like Michael Crabtree to have a big game. I have a Crabtree jersey and an Alex Smith jersey, so for a while there, people were giving me a lot of s— about my jersey selection.” (MTV)

Check out a recent Game interview:

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