Game Stands Up For Stacey Dash: “Every Black Person In The World Doesn’t Support Obama”

Game Stands Up For Stacey Dash: “Every Black Person In The World Doesn’t Support Obama”

West Coast rapper Game has stepped up to defend Hollywood actress Stacey Dash after she recently revealed her support for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Although he fully stands behind President Barack Obama, Game said he respects her political beliefs.

“I don’t understand what everybody’s gripe is with that,” he said. “We live in the world [where] we try as people to become more non-racial. Every black person in the world doesn’t support Obama. …Why are we slamming her? Maybe she has different views and opinions, she should be entitled.” (CBS Local)

Dash recently discussed the negative backlash she received since vowing for Romney.

Paul Ryan phoned Stacey Dash this week to thank her for her support after the actress endured racially tinged threats on Twitter over her public support of Mitt Romney. “He said thank you so much for your support, and that I was brave, and that they support me. I thought that was just so generous, and kind, you know? Lovely, really,” Dash told CNN’s Piers Morgan on Tuesday night. Ryan, a Wisconsin congressman and Romney’s running mate, tweeted on Tuesday evening that they had “a great conversation.” (The Hill)

Stacey posted her publicized pro-Romney tweet in early October.

“Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future. @MittRomney @TeamRomney #mittromney #VOET #voteromney,” she tweeted October 7th. (Stacey Dash’s Twitter)

Recently, former Shady Records artist Ca$his hit up SOHH and emphasized the importance of voting this November.

“As far as real politics, man, I’m not a politician,” Ca$his told SOHH when asked for his take on the upcoming presidential election. “I feel you should vote, I’m a felon, so they’ve scratched that out for me. I do feel if you have a chance, an opportunity to change something, then you should do it. Of course I rock with Obama. He’s coming out of Chicago, so of course I’m rocking with him all day. That’s where I stand and I don’t get too deep in to it because then I’ll start putting in my words and you’ll start spinning if off on people. You can choose whoever you want, vote for what you want and whatever legislation you’re feeling right now. I just want them to go ahead and make weed legal all the way to California and we good. That’s all I’m thinking about.” (SOHH)

Check out Stacey Dash addressing the backlash below:

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