Game Singles Out “Gangsta” Rappers, “Outside Of Me, 50 & Waka, They Ain’t Never Felt Bullets”

Game Singles Out “Gangsta” Rappers, “Outside Of Me, 50 & Waka, They Ain’t Never Felt Bullets”

West Coast rapper Game recently singled out self-proclaimed “gangsta” rappers and pointed out the lack of real street credibility among them.

From Game’s eyes there are handfuls of artists just portraying the image of a street gangster.

“All these people thinking they’re gangsta. And after the Rick Ross song [“B.M.F.”] everybody thinking they’re Big Meech again, Larry Hoover,” Game explained in an interview. Nobody really should wanna be that or aspire to be that ’cause you’re gonna end up in a coffin. And trust me, man, most of these rappers, outside of me, 50 [Cent], and maybe Waka Flocka and some other muthaf*ckas, ain’t never felt bullets man, ain’t never had a brush with really actually having your life erased. So a lot of these rappers out here playing, man; that’s just not the message I’m trying to send across no more.” (Complex)

Recently, 50 Cent said rappers were using false tales to create a hardcore image of themselves to fans.

“It’ll just make room for you to impact when [the hardcore] comes back,” 50 assessed. “No one told the world to enjoy that [softer] music temporarily. I think a big portion of why people didn’t want to hear the aggressive content is because the people conveying them were lying.” (MTV)

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. believes some artists undergo image-changing moves to gain fame.

“You got rappers in today’s time, they get a small advance from their record label, get a bunch of tattoos, a few piercings on their face, go to jail for 10 or 20 days, [then] they killers,” Mayweather weighed in. “Next time out, they rock stars. I think rap is crazy, but it’s still very creative.” (MTV)

Currently, Game is preparing his R.E.D. Album for an August 24th release.

“I pushed my album back so it would land on Kobe’s #’s …. 8 & 24 n it’s year 10′ n that was his Olympic #. R.E.D. In stores 8-24-10 ! #KOBE.” (Game’s Twitter)

Check out a recent Game interview below:

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