Game Sets Apocalyptic Tone W/ “Red Nation”

Game Sets Apocalyptic Tone W/ “Red Nation”

West Coast rapper Game has taken a dark approach to his new “Red Nation” music video by applying an apocalyptic tone for the new R.E.D. Album single.

Presenting a post-doomsday look, Game shed light on what fans can anticipate from the forthcoming visual.

“We shot this real rebel scene. I was over there in a bunch of dirt with rocks, and behind the gate were a bunch of guys I couldn’t see, looking all menacing and scary and [with] bats and sticks and poles,” Game told MTV News on the set. “And that was kinda crazy, man. I was in sort of like an army fatigue thing, doing my thing. But it was fun, man, the first shot — had a lot of fun, got real sweaty ’cause I was jumping around, man. A lotta dust and smoke — it was crazy, man.” (MTV)

Around mid-March, the rapper publicly unveiled his new single to the masses.

Red alert! Game paints the town red with “Red Nation,” the first single from his oft-delayed R.E.D. Album. The Cool & Dre-produced banger samples ZombieNation’s techno hit “Kernkraft 400″ and features none other than Lil Wayne. “N*ggas would trade their soul to be Drake or J. Cole/Live and die for this sh*t, word to Tupac Shakur‘s halo,” raps the Compton MC before the recognizable chorus kicks in. (Rap-Up)

The song received co-signs from artists like DJ Khaled and Snoop Dogg.

“just heard the neff’s @thegame new single Red Nation its gonna be a problem,” Snoop tweeted Tuesday (March 8) morning. (Snoop Dogg’s Twitter)

Game recently provided an update on his long-awaited R.E.D. Album release.

“The ‘R.E.D.’ album is going to remind everybody of what hip-hop is supposed to be in its prime,” says Game. “The ‘R.E.D.’ album will be the best album this year hands down. There’s nobody putting out an album this year that will even be able to compete with the skill level– the bar is gonna be set after this album drops. I guarantee it now from start to finish.” (Billboard)

Check out “Red Nation” down below:

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