Game Sees R.E.D. Over Soulja Boy’s 13K First-Week Sales

Game Sees R.E.D. Over Soulja Boy’s 13K First-Week Sales

West Coast rapper Game has shared his reaction to Soulja Boy‘s new DeAndre Way solo album selling just over 13,000 copies in its first-week earlier this month.

Writing on Twitter, Game questioned the rapper’s selling power.

“I f#cks wit my fans & they f#cks wit ME. it’s funny how n!ggaz be havin like 8,342,017 followers but can’t sell 15,000 albums.,” Game tweeted Thursday (December 16) night.

“That’s like a n!gga they can’t bench press his own weight. I guarantee I will match my followers in UNITS sold when RED drop. #thinkRED”

“Can somebody tell me if it’s a FACT that my n!gga @souljaboy only did 13,000 units ??? I don’t believe that for one second LIARS”

“she betta #thinkRED ! RED album gone be #1 on soundscan 1st week just like da last 3 albums. I aint put out a album that wasn’t #1 1st week”

“But back on that otha sh!t, my n!gga @souljaboy aint never sold no 13,000 1st week ! Y’all can get the f#ck outta here wit that one”

” well next time @souljaboy drop a album I’m gone be the 1st n!gga in line to support. That’s the lil homie” (Game’s Twitter)

Soulja Boy’s album sold just over 13,000 copies in its first-week.

Rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em’s The DeAndre Way also debuted on the chart at No. 90. With seven days down, the rapper’s new album has sold 13,400 copies. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Earlier this month, Game taunted Lloyd Bank‘s Hunger For More 2 (HFM2) album sales.

“Shout out to @lloydbanks for coming in #25 on soundscan the 1st week selling 45,188 copies with the new album. I knew u could do it champ !,” Game tweeted Wednesday (December 1).

“Again, I’m not hating…. I’m encouraging EVERYONE to go out & cop @lloydbanks new album “SMH2″ Oops, I meant “HFM2″… my bad sport” (Game’s Twitter)

Last spring, Soulja Boy opened up about making music and working with relatively unknown producers.

“I usually produce all of my own records,” he revealed in an interview. “My most successful record was 100-percent me–I wrote and produced it. I’ve been producing for myself and I’m starting to get more respect; having parties reach out and ask me for beats. I want to change up my thing a bit and I know even with the talent I got, there are some things that I can’t do that other producers can bring to the table…I keep my ear to the street. I like to play it by ear and I don’t rate another producer [by] his stats. If I hear a hot beat in the street that I can get versus a wack beat from a hot named producer; which one I’ma do?” (XXL Mag)

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