Game Says There Can Be Only One: “[They’re] The Best Team In The NBA”

Game Says There Can Be Only One: “[They’re] The Best Team In The NBA”

West Coast rapper Game recently showed off his basketball wit and said out of all 30 NBA teams, there is one franchise that’ll always be a top tier.

In Game’s opinion, his Los Angeles Lakers’ history alone makes them the best NBA squad in the league.

Even with the Lakers a season removed from a first-round exit to the San Antonio Spurs, Game hardly agrees with ESPN ranking the Lakers 12th out of 15 teams in the Western Conference. “We’re the the best team in the NBA. It’s been that way since the NBA was started,” said Game, referring to the Lakers’ 16 NBA championships. “We have a lot of banners and a lot of good players have been through Los Angeles.” And though an improved Western Conference and health concerns might prove otherwise, Game has a specific reason why he’s viewing things through purple and gold colored glasses. “I just got faith in my team,” Game said. “It’s just how it goes. It’s like those guys who are fans of teams that never win. They never stop and they’re there at every game. It’s Los Angeles. If I don’t put on for my city, who will?” (Inside So Cal)

The diehard Lake Show fan also shared a few words on Laker veteran Kobe Bryant.

Game exuded optimism on when Kobe Bryant will return on the court after rehabbing his left Achilles tendon for the past five months. “Knowing Kobe,” Game said, “he’ll be back for the first game.” Game showed giddiness that Nick Young, a Drew League fixture and L.A. native, joined his favorite team. “I just love Los Angeles kids that play for the whole team,” Game said. “I’m happy that Nick is playing for Los Angeles for a team he grew up watching.” (Inside So Cal)

Over the summer, the former G-Unit member gave his take on ex-Laker Dwight Howard packing up his bags and heading out to the Houston Rockets.

“You know what you do? I’ll tell you what you do. You cut [his jersey] in half — cut it, you don’t need to burn it. You might burn your house on fire, and we don’t want your neighbors thinking you’re an arsonist or nothing like that. You cut it in half. Then what you tell people that ask ‘What is that,’ well you say ‘I have not one, but I have two Dwight Howard jerseys’ because his number is 12. One. Two. You wish him farewell. The Lakers have been all right before Dwight, we’re going to be all right after.” (TMZ)

Brooklyn’s Fabolous spoke to SOHH earlier this year about his admiration for Kobe.

“Ah man, just when he came in [to the NBA], I’ve seen his attitude of being a winner early and even when he first came in, I remember he had a classic challenge with Michael Jordan and he didn’t back down for the challenge,” Fab told SOHH referring to Kobe. “You know what I’m saying? A lot of guys would have been a little intimidated because you’re playing against the best player in the world and you know Kobe gave ‘em some numbers too so from there I grew up liking Kobe.” (SOHH)

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