Game Says Lord Have Mercy: “Christ Is My Savior & I’m Still Out Here Thuggin'”

Game Says Lord Have Mercy: “Christ Is My Savior & I’m Still Out Here Thuggin'”

West Coast rapper Game is continuing to fend off criticism for choosing a thugged-out Jesus Piece cover and said he has no plans on changing the controversial artwork.

In his own defense, Game said he created a cover he fully believed in.

In Game’s reasoning for his album cover, he explains, “I did the album cover the way I wanted to. It embodies part of my career, my life; it’s all in that cover. And, you know, I love God, Jesus Christ is my savior and I’m still out here thuggin’.” Despite his newfound religion, he has resumed his usual hobbies of smoking weed — because “this is California” and he hasn’t read anywhere in the Bible that he can’t — and going to strip clubs because “that’s what I do.” (MTV)

The cover art received a strong co-sign from rap mogul Busta Rhymes.

“This artwork is Brilliant!!! RT @thegame: #JesusPiece” (Busta Rhymes’ Twitter)

Comedian Kevin Hart even shared his reaction to the eye-catching image.

“LMFAO at @thegame Album cover, your the only person in the world that would make JESUS a thug in a picture lol!!!” (Kevin Hart’s Twitter)

If all goes according, Game’s new LP should hit store shelves in December.

Kendrick Lamar has been the man of the hour this past week, and Compton rap veteran Game looks to keep the west coast movement going strong through 2013 as he gives an official release date to his fifth studio album ‘Jesus Piece,’ announcing that the project will be out December 11th. (The Versed)

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