Game Says He’s Got The Hook-Up: “Anybody Else Who Calls Him Is Gonna Need $200,000″

Game Says He’s Got The Hook-Up: “Anybody Else Who Calls Him Is Gonna Need $200,000″

West Coast rapper Game recently discussed his close-knit relationship with crooner Chris Brown and the possibility of them teaming up for a full-length joint effort.

The rap star likened Chris Breezy’s talent to a renowned R&B veteran.

When asked about a Best of Both Worlds-styled album as a possible collaboration set with Chris Brown, Game left the door open. “Chris Brown is Bobby Brown in hip-hop these days,” Game told CBS Local. “He’s the bad boy of R&B. He’s also like a little brother to me. Anytime I call him anything I need done it is done ASAP. Anybody else who calls him is gonna need $200k to get Chris Brown on the record. We make good music, who knows what would happen in the future. I’m not opposed to doing something like that.” (CBS Local)

Months after Brown’s publicized domestic dispute with ex-girlfriend Rihanna, Game snagged the singer for their “Better On The Other Side” Michael Jackson tribute.

“I started reaching out to Diddy,” Game said in an interview. “He’s on a set 18 hours a day, but he said he’d get it done some way, somehow. Talked to Chris Brown. He and [his manager] Tina Davis said they were on their way to the studio — so they told me after I do my part, to bring it over and Chris will do the hook. Before I took the beat over to Chris, Boyz II Men walked into the studio randomly — so they took it to their studio next door, laid down all the background vocals. Then I took it to Mario [Winans], then I took it to Diddy. In the meantime, me and my boy Taydoe — we running around to the hospital, to the Jacksons‘ house, to the star on Hollywood, getting all this [secondary] footage [for the video]. Crazy…All the proceeds of anything that I do that has anything to do with Michael Jackson will go to his family and his children. And that’s just the bottom line.” (CNN)

The West Coast rapper previously stood up for Breezy after the RiRi incident.

“I think it’s a sad situation,” Game said. “I think the point that everybody’s missing is that they both kids, man. What we thinking was some major domestic violence was probably just a little cat and puppy fight between people that used to be teenagers just like yesterday, man. Rihanna can’t be no older than 20 and Chris Brown I know is about 20 years old…People making it out to be more than it is like the media always does anyway, man. I say give the kid a break, man. I’m pretty sure they’re gonna end up back together anyway.” (Wild 101.1)

Back in 2010, Game revealed an interest in linking with fellow rapper Nas for a collaborative LP.

“N*gga, I’m ready. Like Nas is my n*gga,” Game said in an interview. “If he’s ready, then I’m ready. If we stayed in the studios for 7 days, didn’t go home, and it had like a shower, and a kitchen in that motherf*cker, seven days we would have an album. And that might see the light of day, because I talked to Nas about it before. I mean maybe. Maybe that will happen.” (Hip Hop Game)

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