Game Says Hello To All His Haters, “When People Say You Fell Off, They Don’t Know That…” [Video]

Game Says Hello To All His Haters, “When People Say You Fell Off, They Don’t Know That…” [Video]

West Coast rapper Game has taken on his critics and so-called “haters” by reminding them his life is much bigger than the rap game.

Speaking with television personality Carson Daly, Game killed the notion of “falling off” in haters’ eyes.

“It’s cool to see haters shut up,” Game said. “You know, everybody’s like, ‘Oh, he fell off.’ When people say you fell off, they don’t really know that I have kids and I have a family and I’m like chilling and nuturing and being a dad. I’m living life. I’m not in the studio. I don’t even want to be in the studio everyday. It gets boring. I’ve done it for the last eight, nine years so I take breaks. Long breaks. Extended breaks. Every now and again I’ll come back to reclaim my fame, really let everyone know I’m a force to be reckoned with right now. But to each’s own. I’ma come and do my numbers every time.” (Carson Daly)

Last June, the West Coast rapper hopped on Twitter and addressed critics.

“You say my career over but I have three #1 albums & will add another to those come Aug 23rd.#chessmoves,” he tweeted July 23rd.

“You say when was my last hit…. I say “My Life” . B4 that, “One Blood” & “Wouldn’t Get Far”. B4 that “How We Do” H8 It Or Love It & Dreams”

“You say I fell off, how ? I got 3 platinum albums & R.E.D. will be #4. N*ggas can’t stay hot long enough to get they 2nd one out these days” (Game’s Twitter)

In a recent interview, Game said he no longer cared about selling millions of albums.

“A couple of my homies went home, took showers, came back with new clothes and I was still up in the studio, recording [songs],” Game said about making his new LP. “So that’s my dedication. I think after selling d*mn near 10-million albums and having platinum albums, I can’t lose sight of the dedication to the craft and my fans.” (VIBE)

Earlier this year, the former G-Unit member cited his new R.E.D. Album LP as album of the year worthy.

“The ‘R.E.D.’ album is going to remind everybody of what hip-hop is supposed to be in its prime,” says Game. “The ‘R.E.D.’ album will be the best album this year hands down. There’s nobody putting out an album this year that will even be able to compete with the skill level– the bar is gonna be set after this album drops. I guarantee it now from start to finish.” (Billboard)

Check out Game’s interview below:

Game by urbanmusicdirect

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