Game Says He’ll Sign W/ Anybody If The Price Is Right: “Money Makes Me Happy”

Game Says He’ll Sign W/ Anybody If The Price Is Right: “Money Makes Me Happy”

West Coast rapper Game recently updated fans on the status of his Interscope Records relationship and the possibility he may sign a new deal with the iconic label after his final contractual LP drops.

Optimistic about his future, Game said the right situation and financial offering will likely play big factors in where he decides to sign a new deal.

“This is my last album with Interscope under my contract, I’ll say that. Interscope has a lot of money, and money makes me happy, so we’ll see,” Game told MTV News on Friday when we paid him a visit on the set for his “Celebration” video. Birdman has expressed interest in signing Game on previous occasions. The move would make sense, considering Game has collaborated with much of the YMCMB roster and holds strong ties to their team; at this point the former G-Unit soldier is keeping all of his options open. “It’s a possibility I might sign with MTV Records, I don’t know. Anybody that got the right situation for me and the right money,” he said. “Baby is like a big brother to me, Wayne is like a brother to me, Mack Maine, the whole Cash Money/Young Money team, it’s always been love with them so we’ll see.” (MTV)

Over the spring, Cash Money boss Birdman considered if he would offer Game a deal.

“Game is signed to Interscope–I don’t really know his situation. I don’t like to get into talks with other people who are signed to other labels because I wouldn’t want them n*ggas f*cking with nothing that’s mine. So I show respect to whoever they with I know that I told Game, if the time come I would love to sign Game. I think he’s a very talented artist. But right now he’s signed with Interscope, maybe he’s got another album. But when time comes, I’m gonna be there for him too.” (Complex)

Last summer, the former G-Unit member revealed his intention to consider making a Cash Money label move.

With only one more album left on his current deal (he’s back onInterscope after being shuffled between the ‘Scope and Geffen during his feud with 50 Cent) following The R.E.D. Album, Game said he expects to reach a new agreement with Cash Money sooner rather than later. “We been playing with the idea of going over to Cash Money or trying to marry that and Black Wall Street,” he explained. “So, we’ll figure it out before the end of the day. I definitely think that’s where I’ll probably end up. Cause they winning, they want to win and I been winning and want to continue to win.” (XXL Mag)

The rapper is currently gearing up for his upcoming Jesus Piece LP.

Originally titled F.I.V.E. (Fear Is Victory’s Evolution), he changed it to Jesus Piece after Trey Songz released his similarly-titled album Chapter V. Game, who owns several Jesus pieces, told DJ Skee how he came up with the title. “I did a song with Kanye that was called ‘Jesus Piece,'” he said. “One day we was in the studio and Dre from Cool & Dre was just like, ‘We should call the album ‘Jesus Piece.” You know how much controversy that will be?” (Rap-Up)

Check out a recent Game interview below:

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