Game Says Hate It Or Love It, “He’s Definitely The Greatest Hip-Hop Producer Of All Time” [Video]

Game Says Hate It Or Love It, “He’s Definitely The Greatest Hip-Hop Producer Of All Time” [Video]

West Coast rapper Game is known for making bold statements and this week he made another one by proclaiming hip-hop great Dr. Dre as one of the all time best producers.

In addition to naming Dre as his favorite hitmaker to work with, Game also spoke on falling out of touch with the Doc after his 2005 beef with rap star 50 Cent.

“The best person to work with is probably definitely Dr. Dre,” Game said in an interview. “He’s always been like a father figure, older brother. And it’s just like going back to school and somebody really putting in the time to help you with your work ethic…[Our separation,] it was five years, but I kind of think I needed the break. I matured a lot, it helped me grow. I had a lot of time to reflect on my life and my career and to go out there and do it myself — but being back with Dr. Dre makes it a lot easier. He’s definitely the greatest hip-hop producer of all time, and one of the best producers of all time. No disrespect to Quincy Jones, but Dre’s great.” (The Daily Habit)

Last fall, G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks named Dre as his top favorite producer of all time.

“One of the first questions [XXL] asked me is my top five producers of all-time,” Banks said in his video blog. “I definitely gotta start with Dr. Dre. His beats have been influential, you can’t even put an amount, probably one of the first vinyls I had [was from Dre] — so that was crazy. Just to be able to rap over all those [instrumentals]. I would carry that around because I loved the production so much — I definitely gotta say Swizz Beatz. I gotta put him up there, he’s done countless hits over and over again so definitely Swizz Beatz. I enjoy Kanye West, what he’s brought to the game, his production is crazy — Havoc from Mobb Deep is definitely one of my personal favorites. I just feel the sound he captures, ah man, it just brings me back to when I first got into rap…DJ Premier, DJ Premier brings me back to that 1990’s feel so I definitely gotta put him in there and there’s a lot more producers, but I haven’t worked with y’all so y’all don’t get a shout-out ’til I do.” (XXL Mag)

In January, New York rapper Saigon also called Dre one of the best to ever do it.

“Of all-time, I’d definitely put [Just Blaze] in Top 5,” Sai revealed in an interview. “Of all-time, I’d say he’s like four. The only people I would put in front of Just Blaze, of all-time, is [first] Dr. Dre, I would put Timbaland, I would put — Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Just might be [number] three, man. I can’t think of nobody because when you look at his discography, you go, ‘Wow.’ He don’t get the due he get. [Dre], Timbaland, yeah, as far as hip-hop producers. Probably him and RZA would have the tie for number three.” (Hard Knock TV)

Despite his early 2000’s beef toward Dre’s protege Eminem, former The Source co-owner Benzino recently gave props to the Doc’s skills.

“Dre is one of the best to ever do it. Dre’s one of the pioneers of producers. Dre goes in too. Dre really is one of the perfecters of his craft — shout-out to the whole West Coast.” (“Mikey T The Movie Star”)

Check out Game’s interview below:

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