Game Says Expect Any R.E.D. Collabo “Except Jay-Z & 50 [Cent]”

Game Says Expect Any R.E.D. Collabo “Except Jay-Z & 50 [Cent]”

West Coast rapper Game has informed fans awaiting his upcoming R.E.D. Album that they can expect an endless amount of guest feature possibilities on the disc except from rap rivals Jay-Z and 50 Cent.

While keeping mum on specific details, Game did reveal Wiz Khalifa and singer Chris Brown would be on the LP.

Game maintains that R.E.D. will still be executive produced by Pharrell and feature production from Dr. Dre, and that he’s only a week away from settling on an official single. “I got a couple singles picked out. I talk to the label in a week and I’ll play them the whole album and we’ll come to an agreement collectively on what we should go with,” he explained. “I got shitloads of singles for the album. So we’ll see what catches and we’ll roll with it.” As far as collaborations, the former G-Unit rapper did reveal that Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa will make the final cut. “Oh yeah, Wiz is on the album, Chris is on the album. Pretty much everyone is on the album,” he shared. “Whoever you could think of. Except Jay-Z and 50.” (Rap-Up)

Yesterday, Game said he would not rush out an album release date.

The R.E.D. Album is pretty much 95 percent done,” Game explained in an interview. “Until I find a record that is just so amazing to me, and it’s next level and doesn’t sound like anything that’s out, makes me feel comfortable with it being played on the radio… I won’t give R.E.D. Album a date. At this point, it’s pretty much in my hands. I had a meeting with Jimmy Iovine and the label heads about a week ago, and they gave me the green light to pick a date when I want. The album is so classy, that I can’t sell it short with any single man. I wanna come with the right song, and make sure it’s a song that’s classic and iconic, and then we’ll know.” (Complex)

A few months ago, DJ Premier spoke to SOHH about working on Game’s new album.

“Me and Game just did a banger called ‘Born In The Trap,'” Premier revealed to SOHH. “He was like, ‘Can I get another one?’ I said, ‘What, you didn’t like that one?’ He said, ‘No, no, I want to buy another one!’ I was like, ‘Sh*t yeah.’ [laughs] He said mine is the second song on the album, so, I’m about to do another one for him but the one that we already did, he said it’s going to be the second song. I’m excited about that. I know he’s been leaking out a lot of stuff but he said a lot of the stuff he’s leaking isn’t going to be on the album. I haven’t even heard anything. He knocked that sh*t out with me in one day and I mixed it the same day.” (SOHH)

Although recently saying he is on good terms with both Jay and 50, Game is known for name-dropping both artists in raps, freestyles and videos.

“N*gga’s talking like Game ain’t got no money, f*ck all that,” Game said from his pent house in a 2009 video. “I ain’t never said I’m trying to be Bill Gates, I ain’t trying to be Bill Gates. Never said I had more money than Jay, I don’t. But you know, I’m doing good…I ain’t never said I have more cheese than 50 [Cent]. He got a lot of money, n*gga can’t rap better than me, straight up. Now Jay, that’s another subject…You can’t be getting old on n*ggas like Hov, gotta stay young…Right here, you can’t do sh*t unless you got the Jay-Z breath aroma stick candles. Take one of those Jay-Z candle sticks, wave it in the air like that, in the bath, and you too can be Roc-A-Fella…This sh*t right here is d*mn near old as Jay-Z. This bottle here is 50 years old…Jay-Z breath aroma sticks. You gotta get you one of these. It’s the Roc-A-Fella-A** aroma sticks.” (TayDoe TV)

Check out some recent Game footage down below:

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