Game Says Eminem Ain’t Nuthin’ To ‘F’ With, “He’ll End Your Career”

Game Says Eminem Ain’t Nuthin’ To ‘F’ With, “He’ll End Your Career”

West Coast rapper Game may be known for name-dropping and sparking beefs, but the former G-Unit member has promised to never take a shot at Eminem.

Game said since departing from the Unit in 2005, his relationship with Em has become tarnished.

“One thing that stuck with me is that Eminem is not to be f*cked with ever in hip-hop, ever,” Game explained in an interview. “If you notice out of everybody I take a shot at, that’s the only person that’s untouched. He’s in a bubble and you don’t even say nothing to Eminem. To anybody that ever does, God bless you,” Game said. ‘He’ll end your career.” (RapFix)

Last week, Game proclaimed his undefeated rap beef streak.

“”Aint NEVER LOST a rap beef & I NEVER WILL !!! #iWroteThreeHundredBars little do you n*ggas forget !!!”,” he tweeted July 29th. (Game’s Twitter)

After dropping his name-calling “Uncle Otis” record, the rapper said the track was not meant to spark beefs.

“It’s poking jokes and taking shots, but that’s what I do,” Game said. “I’m just shooting in the dark, when I turn on the lights if a couple of motherf*ckers is down, I got to get up out of there. Anybody that takes it personal, they really shouldn’t but if you do, we can go there.” (XXL Mag)

Outside of feuds, Game is currently gearing up for this month’s release of his R.E.D. Album.

“The R.E.D. Album, if I can say [it] – pardon Tha Carter IV; [Lil Wayne] is my n*gga and I can’t wait to hear that, cop it and then check it, but the R.E.D. Album is gonna be album of the year,” Game said in an interview. “I gotta say it. I’ve been working on it so long, and I have anybody who’s anybody on it – major players that are contributing. Sh*t’s gonna be crazy.” (Hip Hop DX)

R.E.D. Album is slated to drop Tuesday, August 23rd.

Check out Game’s interview below:

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