Game Saves Badly Injured Biker’s Life, Calls 911 After Bloody Crash

Game Saves Badly Injured Biker’s Life, Calls 911 After Bloody Crash

West Coast rapper Game is reportedly taking on the role of local hero as new reports claim he saved a man’s life following a serious bicycle crash this week.

According to reports, this all went down Wednesday (September 5) morning.

The Game snapped into hero mode earlier this week … possibly saving the life of a man who badly injured himself in a bicycle crash on an L.A. street. TMZ has learned … Game was driving home from his studio early Wednesday morning when he noticed a man who was lying face down in the street … with his bike on top of his body. Game tells us … he pulled over to see if he could help … and when he noticed the man was unresponsive, he immediately called 911. (TMZ)

The former G-Unit member also delved into what motivated him to become a local hero.

“I couldn’t just keep driving seeing a man in pain with his head on the ground.”Game waited with the man until paramedics arrived to the scene … and says the man was transported to a nearby hospital. Cops tell us the man is alive and is currently recovering from his injuries. Police also confirm that Game was the person who made the first 911 call. Game tells us, “If that was me in that situation, I’d want someone to do the same thing.” (TMZ)

Last March, the rapper made headlines after helping a concertgoer in California.

Rapper/MC The Game is a dag gone angel these days. Who knew?! Just 4 months after stopping a concert to fight a guy in the crowd, he stopped a concert to SAVE someone (and TMZ has the footage). It all went down on March 18th — The Game was in the middle of his performance at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA … when a concertgoer passed out in the crowd. Game immediately jumped into action — slamming the brakes on the show to make sure the kid was okay. The footage is pretty intense — the kid comes to for a quick moment … asking for water … then falls limp AGAIN, passing out cold for the second time. Several other concertgoers rushed to the guy’s aid — but before long, he had regained consciousness again … this time for good … and the show went on. (Eur Web)

Despite being a Good Samaritan on various occasions, he did attack music rival 40 Glocc a few months back in a local neighborhood.

“Everybody know I don’t go out like that,” Glocc told radio host Bootleg Kev. “I’m obviously held down at gunpoint, you know, it is what it is. I got jumped, all that footage is edited. I got jumped like three times. They sliced up footage of the edit, they made sure they cut everybody out that was jumping. But if you look at it, you see the feet, you see the people they was clipping the scenes. … Dealing with street stuff, you just gotta take it for what it is. But it’s not street stuff no more when you’re taking it and want to take it viral to boost your image like you punking somebody. He knows in my natural state, when I was ready to fight back, they rushed me again. … It was all them swining on me right there. It is what it is — it was really nothing I could do with that. But as far as the streets, he took it from being street when he took it viral and tried to use it to boost his image as far as him punking somebody.” (Power 98.3)

Check out a recent Game interview below:

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