Game Reveals What Rapper He Offended W/ “Jesus Piece”

Game Reveals What Rapper He Offended W/ “Jesus Piece”

West Coast rapper Game recently discussed the impact his controversial Jesus Piece album has had and what hip-hop artist reached out to him over the new solo effort.

According to Game, Christian rapper Lecrae surprised him by expressing concern over the LP’s content.

“Lecrae texted me the other day out of the blue – I don’t even know where he got my number from. I know of him, just never met him. And, he was sort of concerned with the way that some of the lyrics were coming across, and the portrayal of Jesus on the cover. But, after we finished having an in-depth text conversation; I explained my vision and what I was doing, and at the end of the text we didn’t necessarily agree but I told him good luck on his path and he wished me good luck on mine.” (HHDX)

Earlier this year, Lecrae talked to SOHH about working with an artist like Big K.R.I.T. who can balance both religion and illicit desires in his rhymes.

The Big K.R.I.T. record I’ve got is called “May Day.” I knew K.R.I.T. to be a real transparent dude, he’s got no problem talking about his struggles and his ups and downs. One record he might be at the strip club and the next he might be reading the Bible. A lot of people like that because it’s authentic. A normal person who doesn’t have those complexes won’t try to pretend. I thought it would be a dope opportunity for me to get on a record with someone that could say, “Look, I don’t have it all together.” He’s got a church past and so he’s heard some things and he’s just wrestling with them. I really thought this would be a dope opportunity for people to relate to those and also for me to get on there to relate to him and also give some answers to those things people are wrestling with.” (SOHH Singled Out)

This week, some music critics also pointed out Game’s anger-laced religious lines from Jesus Piece.

Game is able to mesh his brash raps while talking about his trials of spiritual growth – especially on “Heaven’s Arms” and “See No Evil,” with Kendrick Lamar and Tank. But the album takes a wrong turn on “Hallelujah,” where Game opens the song praising God with the use of profanity, rapping about the struggle to overcome his worldly desires during church services. Some have said the song is offensive, but don’t let this particular track overshadow the rest of this quality album. (Huffington Post)

Well-received or not, the West Coast rapper’s newest solo offering is expected to sell up to 80,000 copies next week.

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