Game Reveals What He Copped After Blowing Up

Game Reveals What He Copped After Blowing Up

With over a decade of music to his name, West Coast rapper Game has revealed what is one of the first big purchases he made after making it in the record industry.

According to Game, he spent his music money on family and dropped hustling profits on marijuana back in 2003.

What was the first thing you bought when you got rich? Six pounds of f*cking chronic. I was still hustling. That’s to be totally honest. I didn’t know what rap was going to bring. I spent my advance check on my mom and my family and sh*t. I used the [leftover] money I had to get some weed so I could slang that sh*t and keep myself afloat. How much did it cost? Chronic in Compton? It was like about–I mean, my little deal I had with my partner–I think I spent about $4,500. When was that? That was like 2003. This almost answers itself, but we have to ask: Where is it now? It’s somewhere between here and the stars, bro. (Complex)

Known for his lavish lifestyle, Game spent $200,000 last summer on a black leather-wrapped Ferrari.

So, here we are, with a topic that might seem a bit uninteresting: a Ferrari F430, so not the latest model, wrapped in matte black, not the craziest color in the world. So, why have we chosen this one? Well, the vehicle we are talking about belongs to rapper The Game, who wanted to have his ride covered in… leather, as we found out from the adjacent Instagram pic. The job is done and now he’ll be wondering the streets of LA in his Leatherarri, on which he spent $200,000/ (EUR164,000 at the current exchange rate). (Auto Evolution)

The rapper has stayed busy as of late with his upcoming Jesus Piece solo album.

Game is no stranger to controversy and he’s about to ignite another firestorm with the illustrated cover for his upcoming album Jesus Piece. The religious-themed artwork features a portrait of Jesus with a teardrop tattoo under his eye, a Jesus piece chain around his neck, and red bandana over his mouth. The image has already sparked outrage from some fans. “You took this sh*t too far,” wrote one of Game’s Instagram followers, while another added, “Open minded people see this concept, but I think this cover can push some people away homie.” (Rap-Up)

He recently talked about mixing religion and urban culture into the new LP.

“I’m calling [my new album] Jesus Piece ’cause last year in August I got baptized and so I’ve been going to church, but I still been kinda doing me out here,” Game said in an interview. “I still love the strip club and I still smoke and drink. I’m faithful to my family, so I wanted to make an album where you could love God and be of God, but still get it poppin’ in your life.” (Jenny Boom Boom TV)

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