Game Reveals Struggle With Fame, “I’d Give Anything To Be Like Y’All Again”

Game Reveals Struggle With Fame, “I’d Give Anything To Be Like Y’All Again”

West Coast rapper Game has taken his fans behind the music and revealed his struggle dealing with fame as a rap star.

Writing via Twitter, Game explained the struggles which come with being famous.

“We are all trapped in “The Circle Of Life”. When u find ur purpose, how u kno its really ya purpose ? Spend ya life servin it, then what ?,” he tweeted Thursday (October 14) night.

“That’s why I live FREE. Speak ya mind, make ya presence felt or watch the next person speed past you in life….. that’s how it is.”

“So if you feel your life has purpose & you have a “DREAM” … F#ck waitin til tomorrow to begin your journey.. Get yo azz up & get it people”

“I say dis because a close friend witta bright future just made a mistake 2day dat will cost him da rest of his life!#25toLIFEishisfuturenow”

“Im a person, same as u. Are daily duties & obligations much the same. Being “FAMOUS” is over-rated. I’d give anything to be like y’all again”

“I believe in y’all. Cuz y’all believed in me. & that’s all @thegame you’ll ever need. 1.” (Game’s Twitter)

Last year, Kanye West blogged about the casualties of fame.

“WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE ROCK STARS?,” he wrote Wednesday (September 23). “THE FAME KILLED THEM!” (Kanye West’s Blog)

Yeezy previously spoke with radio personality Big Boy in 2008 about his fame and popularity as an artist having an effect on his late mother’s passing.

The most crushing part of the interview was when Big Boy read a statement from Kanye in the newspaper that said: “I talk so much about labels, calling myself the Louie Vuitton Don…the irony of it all is for me to lose the most important person to me to Hollywood,” and Kanye West elaborates: “I feel like if me and my mom never moved to Hollywood she would still be here.” (Jen The Pen)

Recently Lupe Fiasco talked about not wanting to pursue the same fame and fortune as rap mogul Jay-Z.

“Jay-Z’s a personal friend of mine,” Lupe said in an interview. “[He] executive-produced my first album. [My comments were] just an example of using him on how people rate success. There’s an idea of the status quo that every rapper wants to be Jay-Z. Nah. Every rapper does not want to be Jay-Z. Every rapper don’t wanna be Kanye West. Everybody don’t wanna be Lil Wayne. They wanna be who they are. … You’re a fool trying to chase that success down and manage it like that. I always look at my success as further than a dollar sign, further than record sales. … Everybody thinks because you’re black and you’re from the ‘hood, you wanna be Jay-Z. There’s kids who wanna be astrophysicists and don’t care about rap. That should be OK. You should be OK just being you, working your regular job and being happy. That’s why I made that statement. I felt it need to be said.” (MTV)

Check out a recent Game interview below:

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