Game Responds To 40 Glocc: “SUPER-THUG Turned INFORMANT!!!!!”

Game Responds To 40 Glocc: “SUPER-THUG Turned INFORMANT!!!!!”

West Coast rapper Game has confirmed reports which claim music rival 40 Glocc has sought legal action to gain vengeance for their mid-summer scuffle in Los Angeles.

Game claimed 40 Glocc had police even come to his home and try to present the court documents.

“Police came to my crib & tried to serve me papers for @40glocc sueing me….. Sorry, I’m playing XBOX.. Try again later. #ThisN*ggaAH*eCake,” Game tweeted Saturday (October 27).

“@40glocc SUPER-THUG turned INFORMANT !!!!!!”

“@40glocc & his girlfriend at the senior prom…. Always had b*tch in you.. It was only a matter of time befo” (Game’s Twitter)

Reports of Glocc’s lawsuit heated up the Internet this weekend.

40 — real name Lawrence White — just filed a lawsuit against Game over the July 7 incident that took place in front of a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. You probably saw the video. According to the docs, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, 40 says he was leaving a party, when he was jumped by Game and Game’s 15-man entourage for no reason. Game recorded the fight on his iPhone and published the footage to YouTube — under the title, “The Game Beats Up 40 Glocc Whilst Recording on iPhone Full Video.” (TMZ)

Last July, the G-Unit affiliate said Game altered the fight footage to enhance his street credibility.

“Everybody know I don’t go out like that,” Glocc told radio host Bootleg Kev. “I’m obviously held down at gunpoint, you know, it is what it is. I got jumped, all that footage is edited. I got jumped like three times. They sliced up footage of the edit, they made sure they cut everybody out that was jumping. But if you look at it, you see the feet, you see the people they was clipping the scenes. … Dealing with street stuff, you just gotta take it for what it is. But it’s not street stuff no more when you’re taking it and want to take it viral to boost your image like you punking somebody. He knows in my natural state, when I was ready to fight back, they rushed me again. … It was all them swining on me right there. It is what it is — it was really nothing I could do with that. But as far as the streets, he took it from being street when he took it viral and tried to use it to boost his image as far as him punking somebody.” (Power 98.3)

The publicized fight struck music blogs and gossip sites around early July.

The Game has since leaked footage of the altercation to, showing him chasing and punching his Southern Cali rival, all while recording it on his iPhone. “You gonna put a n**** on the Internet now, n****. You gone put a n**** on the Internet?” an angry Game yells at 40 Glocc in the footage, while people in the background ask him to “let it go.” “Oh, you squaring up? You squaring up, huh?” he continued, before throwing a punch and filming. “Look at me 40 Glocc. Look at 40 Glocc y’all.” (Baller Status)

Check out the July fight footage below:

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