Game Re-Thinks Beef On “R.E.D.” Album, “Will I Ever Go At Jay-Z?”

Game Re-Thinks Beef On “R.E.D.” Album, “Will I Ever Go At Jay-Z?”

West Coast rapper Game contemplates his rap beefs on the forthcoming solo effort, The R.E.D. Album.

Based off an album listening session with Complex, Game’s “Infared” song features the rapper promising to never beef with Nas.

Produced By: Cool & Dre Complex says: The Compton rapper’s forays into name-dropping have recently been hit or miss, but over Cool & Dre’s 70s funk-jazz-influenced instrumental, the album’s intro is a major hit. Game drops attention-grabbing lines (“Will I ever go at Nas? Hell nah! / Will I ever go at Jay-Z? I don’t know”) and doesn’t waste a second spewing his fully automatic braggadocio. It’s an instant head-nodding banger for a kickoff. (Complex)

Last summer, Game released his Jay-Z diss, “I’m So Wavy.”

“N*ggas pop tags, I pop the 4-5,” Game raps. “N*ggas got swag, I got the tech nine…Yeah, you got cheese and I kill rats/Translation, I still trap/Now do something with that, or respond to this/And with those big a** lips, you got my name in your mouth I hope it taste like uhhh, no homo, one more time/uhhh, that’s your promo/And I been hard to the core since I went solo/Only man on my horse like my all black polo…Got the camel in a choke hold/Tryin’ to son me, I’m not from N-Y-C/You can’t even have a child by your Destiny/And I ain’t mean to take a shot at B, I blacked out like you did Free.” (“I’m So Wavy”)

Game previously dropped his “Death of Jay-Z” freestyle while touring in Europe throughout 2009.

“I know y’all been hearing about the controversy between with me and Jay-Z, right,” Game asked a crowd in Spain. “So I’ma start it off like this, f*ck Jay-Z! That’s how Pac felt. That’s how Nas felt at one time and that’s how I feel…This ain’t about B/This ain’t about Destiny…You got a bad b*tch, word, ain’t no p*ssy like hers/Just ask the Mavericks, Cowboys and the Spurs/I mean, my b*tch don’t sling p*ssy like that/My b*tch sling p*ssy on a n*gga from the back, back, back/Black Wall Street, that’s the game I bang/And I’m in Mahdrid, Spain…It go one, two, I’m back for more/Guess who’s coming through the motherf*cking door/Spittin’ more sh*t than a Crip/N*ggas know Game back on his sh*t.” (TayDoe TV)

Although he has had problems with 50 Cent in the past, Game recently said he is not in a current beef with the G-Unit leader.

“I mean that’s like a joke now, I just went in on 50 and ‘nem, but at this point its not beef,” Game promised in an interview. “We did that. I mean we beefed, but now it’s like I can crack a joke…I’m sure it affects him in some kind of way…Man people don’t understand, that’s what it started as. He just got mad, he got a little jealous that Dre was working more on my album than on his but I didn’t understand that because I thought we were all in it as one big bang, but he tried to kill me…That’s what it was, I ain’t gonna tell you no lie, that’s what it was. So he came at me and I had to defend myself, my honor, my family and keep milk in the refrigerator as I call it.” (All Hip Hop)

Check out a recent Game interview down below:

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