Game Rates “Watch the Throne” LP, “[It’s A] 7 [But] 6 Points Went To Kanye” [Video]

Game Rates “Watch the Throne” LP, “[It’s A] 7 [But] 6 Points Went To Kanye” [Video]

West Coast rapper Game has become the latest artist to rate Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s new Watch the Throne album and said Yeezy heavily carries the project.

Along with talking about Watch the Throne, Game sarcastically said his upcoming R.E.D. Album could not compete with Jay and Ye’s new effort.

“Yeah [I heard the album]. The Swizz [Beatz] one is crazy, the Frank Ocean one is crazy too. Yeah. Some people haven’t even heard it yet, that’s bad. I think it’s a good, good seven,” Game said when asked by radio host Jenny Boom Boom to rate it from 1 to 10. “Seven. Yeah. Well, you know six points went to Kanye. [R.E.D. Album] is not going to be better than Watch the Throne. So you don’t gotta worry about that. [How come?] What? Did you just hear that [record]? I can’t compete man, but, The R.E.D. Album is pretty decent. It’s going to sound like Lil Zane‘s first album. We working. August 23rd, R.E.D. Album in stores.” (“Jenny Boom Boom”)

A few days ago, Game said it was up to him and Lil Wayne‘s Carter IV to become hip-hop classics this summer.

“Well Weezy, I guess its up to us now to put out a “CLASSIC” !,” he tweeted August 8th. (Game’s Twitter)

Earlier this week, producer 9th Wonder admitted Watch the Throne did not fully satisfy him.

“#WTT as a whole is not for me. I can rock with New Day & The Joy,” he tweeted August 8th.

“As a musician/beatmaker/active participant in hip-hop, I want to be SCARED when I hear something, like when I heard Aquemini.” (9th Wonder’s Twitter)

As of now, the LP is projected to sell up to 450,000 in its first-week.

Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Roc-a-Fella/Def Jam/Roc Nation release Watch the Throne hit iTunes last night for a four-day exclusive, and predictably, the deluxe edition of the album and the regular are running 1-2 on the site. The physical version hits retail on Friday, with Best Buy the exclusive physical outlet for the deluxe edition, which includes four extra bonus tracks. In addition, it was the first major hip-hop release in memory to hit the market without a leak, perhaps due to its digital-only release up front. Early returns suggest that the album’s first-week total on next Tuesday’s chart will be right in line with the initial estimate of 400-450k. (HITS Daily Double)

Check out Game’s interview below:

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