Game Pulls The Plug On Social Networking, “I Deleted My Twitter”

Game Pulls The Plug On Social Networking, “I Deleted My Twitter”

West Coast rapper Game appears to be done with social networking as his Twitter page has diminished with a single message saying he deleted it.

No longer having thousands of followers, Game’s page is now blank.

“I deleted my twitter. (holla when you see me) #2pacBack,” a single tweet reads, posted September 28th. (Game’s Twitter)

In August, Game made headlines after a friend allegedly used his Twitter to post a local police department number.

Game tells TMZ he never authored the tweet in question. Game says he was in the middle of a photo shoot Friday night when a childhood friend of his — whose Twitter handle is @wackstar — began going to town on The Game’s phone … typing in five phone numbers and calling people to action. The Game insists his friend had no idea one of the numbers went to the Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriffs claim that once their office was flooded with phonecalls they asked The Game to call people off — but Game says he never received the message. As he put it, “They don’t have my number and I’m not following the police.” (TMZ)

In March, Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne delved into his issues with Twitter after fighting through hacks.

“I just shut my Twitter account down because it got hacked,” Wayne revealed in an interview with Paris Hilton for Interview Magazine. “Once it got hacked I had Twitter fix it. They changed it. And then it got hacked again so I just shut it down. As of right now, I’m on Twitter strike.” (Interview Magazine)

Recently, Slaughterhouse’s Royce Da 5’9 talked to SOHH about his love for Twitter.

“I have a lotta fun f*ckin’ with people on Twitter. It’s a good vehicle to show a part of your personality that might not come across in your music. Being that accessible to fans — I hate callin’ them fans — but being that accesible to people keeps people from treating you like some kind of science project.” (SOHH)

Check out some recent Game footage below:

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