Game Prepared For Everything To End Today: “In 2012, We’re All Gonna Die” [Video]

Game Prepared For Everything To End Today: “In 2012, We’re All Gonna Die” [Video]

West Coast rapper Game prepared to bid farewell to friends and families today (December 21) as seen in an archived interview of him predicting the world would end this year sprouting up online.

In the video clip, dated August 22nd, 2011, Game planned out how he would spend his final year on Earth.

“In 2012, we’re all gonna die. So nobody take vacations, don’t go to work, don’t leave your kids at home with the babysitter because you’re going to have to be scrambling to try to get to them. So all next year, starting from January 1st to December 31st, I’m going to be at home with my kids, playing Scrabble and making sure our earthquake kits are in tact because the world is gonna end.” (Truth Is Scary)

Some sites poked fun at Game’s proclamation and came up with things he might do today considering the world did not end.

Here are three things Game is probably doing today after realizing December 21 is not the apocalypse: Not playing Scrabble Psssh. Now that the world’s still in tact, no need to spend that quality time with his kids anymore. Party time! Not using hair relaxer The “scariest truth Game has ever seen” is the fact that women’s hair relaxer can “burn your skin off.” Not wars or genocide or that John Travolta Christmas album, but hair relaxer. He won’t go near it. NOT talking about the Illuminati End of the world or not, Game does not fux with the Illuminati. “I heard they swing from trees like black ninjas… They’ll come and sweep you away, your whole life, and nobody will ever know you existed.” NOBODY WILL EVER KNOW YOU EXISTED. (FUSE TV)

Roc Nation’s J. Cole released a doomsday-themed new record called “2012” last night (December 20).

“Trust the world ain’t spinning for too-much longer/My n*gga hope you ready, me and you both goners./But in the meantime, homie do what you like/(Just, just) do what you like (Just, just) Hey!/Trust the world ain’t spinning for to-much longer/My baby hope you ready, me and you both goners./But in the meantime, shawty do what you like” (“2012”)

New York rapper Busta Rhymes also put out a Mayan-inspired mixtape called Catastrophic on Friday.

Busta Rhymes has unveiled the cover art for his upcoming mixtape with The Conglomerate and announced that the project should be ready to drop on December 21st. The tape will be called ‘Catastrophic’ and depicts on image of the Mayan calendar which some claim calls for the world to end on Friday. While the tape states that it will include contributions form Conglomerate associates J-Doe and Reek Da Villian, it may also include some work from YMCMB artists, although Busta has yet to put out the tape’s official tracklist. (The Versed)

Check out Game’s interview:

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