Game On Lakers’ Matt Barnes & Gloria Govan’s Break-Up, “Never Sleep W/ The Wife Of N*ggas You Eat With”

Game On Lakers’ Matt Barnes & Gloria Govan’s Break-Up, “Never Sleep W/ The Wife Of N*ggas You Eat With”

West Coast rapper Game has sparked buzz and speculation suggesting he may have been the factor which ultimately broke up Los Angeles Lakers’ Matt Barnes and ex-girlfriend Gloria Govan.

Writing on Twitter, Barnes claimed an ex-friend was having an affair with Govan.

“In May Gloria & I decided to separate & in the best interest of her career, I foolishly agreed to portray that we were still together(cont),” Barnes tweeted November 23rd.

“For her upcoming season of her show on VH1. As recently as August we decided to revisit a joint statement of our separation, but(cont)”

“Gloria asked to delay making our separation public for the interest of her show. It is ironic now how Gloria is trying to manipulate(cont)”

“The professional relationship between Eva Longoria & myself as the sole reason for our separation, when she knows we split up in May(cont)”

“The reason why I broke my silence a month ago was because of the on going “affair” she was having with a now former FRIEND of mine.. (Cont)”

“Again, I wish Gloria nothing but the best, & I will continue to keep our beautiful children as my first priority.. Thank you” (Matt Barnes’ Twitter)

Game has also reportedly weighed in on their now defunct relationship.

The friend remains unnamed but rapper The Game decided to join the mix with his own statement, “I’m sittin here watchin’ Basketball Wives like ugh, them is basketball wives? Only cute one, Gloria, that’s my n*gga Matt Barnes chick can’t swim in that pool fool, that’s a crucial conflict. Never sleep with the wife of n*ggas you eat with.” Is Gloria Govan having an affair with the Game?? (Dime Wars)

In mid-October, Game proposed to his longtime girlfriend Tiffany Cambridge.

“As a man, this is that day where you throw your player card away and you kinda gotta step up and be a family man, and she deserves it,” Game told MTV News immediately following the proposal. “It’s been a long run, and we’ve been together at least seven years. We’ve been off, we’ve been on, we’ve been arguing, we fought. We had good times and bad times, and I think that at the end of the day, as a man, this is something that I owed to her and I owed to my family, so it was time.” (MTV)

Footage from the marriage proposal emerged online a couple days prior.

The “Hate It or Love It” hitmaker surprised his girlfriend of seven years, Tiffany Cambridge, with a proposal on Wednesday, October 12 afternoon, and camera crews were present at Frank D. Parent Elementary school in Inglewood, California to document the special moment. In the two-minute video, the rapper, whose real name is Jayceon Taylor, got down on one knee after Tiffany walked into a room where he, their children, close friends, co-workers and a few camera crews were waiting. Looking a little nervous, he quickly pulled out a ring from his pocket and asked her to marry him. (Ace Showbiz)

Check out Matt Barnes & Gloria Govan below:

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