Game Names The Most Underrated Rapper, “F*ck Who Don’t Like It!!!”

Game Names The Most Underrated Rapper, “F*ck Who Don’t Like It!!!”

West Coast rapper Game made recent headlines for naming some artists he felt are the “wackest of all time,” but now he has revealed his top pick for the most underrated lyricist.

Opting against acknowledging an artist from his native California, Game crowned DJ Khaled Florida-bred protege Ace Hood the title.

“The most under rated rapper is no doubt @acehood !!! F*ck who don’t like it !!!,” Game tweeted September 3rd. (Game’s Twitter)

In March, R&B singer Kevin Cossom named Ace Hood his top choice for SOHH Underrated.

“Somebody in the Miami area that I would say is underrated and really getting picked up now is my n*gga Ace Hood. He’s definitely coming into his zone and he’s already dropped a few mixtapes. He’s got this joint called “Hustle Hard” out now. At first, out in Los Angeles a lot of people didn’t know about it yet but that sh*t’s been bumping out here in Miami. Now he’s got Lil Wayne and Rick Ross hopped on the remix. I feel like now people are going to really start paying attention to him now. Heavy.” (SOHH Underrated)

In May, Hood credited New York rapper Canibus for shaping his own career.

“I was huge on Canibus. He was crazy with the flow and that’s part of things I got man and just took it,” Ace described in an interview. “Lyrical massacre, man he’s a beast. I was there when him and LL [Cool J] was beefing. I was tuned in to that era you feel me? I know some things man…I used to grow up listening to a lot of New York artists as well. Just so I could get that type of feel of the game and that type of craft. My biggest thing is versatility. And I feel like that’s the biggest thing from a Southern artist you can be. [Meaning] that the game is changing up so at the end of the day in order to be a successful artist from the South you have to do best of both worlds if you want to have respect in the Northern parts of the world.” (Good Fella Media)

Over the summer, Hood talked about despite being an established artist, he still struggled with money woes and family problems not long ago.

“The low point of my career was after my second album dropped,” Hood revealed in an interview. “My second project wasn’t exactly what I wanted it to be. Nothing went wrong [with my situation]. But it was a little rushed and it just kinda happened. I was going through a lot of personal issues and financial issues. I was feeling fine, but being in that star light, people don’t like to admit to the struggle. It was definitely a huge struggle for me at that time. It was a struggle not having a record out, not being played on radio, and not doing as many shows as I’d like to. My family going through things, dealing with eviction notices. I got an eviction notice at my condo. My girl called me and she was upset telling me what happened. I was trying to work it out with the landlord to get an extension and pay everything off.” (Complex)

Check out some recent Ace Hood footage below:

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