Game Names His Top 5 All Time Fave 2Pac Songs

Game Names His Top 5 All Time Fave 2Pac Songs

West Coast rapper Game is still riding for the late lyricist Tupac Shakur, as he has recently listed his top five favorite records from the hip-hop star.

In Game’s top five, he opted out of choosing any of Pac’s posthumous records.

Like Tupac, Compton native Game is never one to hold his tongue. His most recent outburst came at the expensive of one Jay-Z or “Uncle Otis” as he likes to call him. But aside from the thuggery and gangsta talk, Game also took influence from Pac’s deeper side. VIBE was pleasantly surprised at his song selection when Game ran down his top-5 Tupac songs of all time. 1. “Brenda’s Got A Baby” 2. “Keep Ya Head Up” 3. “Dear Mama” 4. “Thug Passion” 5. “Hit Em Up” (VIBE)

Earlier this summer, Game credited Pac for inspiring him to talk about positive things in his music.

“I just talk about my life experiences and keep fans listening,” Game explained in an interview. “I flow with as much positivity as I can. I want to shed light on better things so fans can uplift themselves, which is why I always try speaking positively. That ‘keep your head up’ music. Tupac started that first with his songs like ‘Brenda’s Got a Baby’ and ‘Keep Ya Head Up.’ — I didn’t fight [‘Red Nation’ getting banned.] I have kids and understand why the networks didn’t want to show it…They may have banned it — but it still blew up on the Internet.” (Dub)

A few months ago, he gave his reaction to convicted felon Dexter Isaac confessing about nearly killing Pac in 1994.

“I’m saying in ’94, when that supposedly had happened, I was 13 so I didn’t know nothing about that,” Game explained. “I was in the seventh, eighth grade doing my thing. So I’m far removed from that. I don’t know what happened. I ain’t know Jimmy [Henchman], I ain’t know Pac, I ain’t know nobody. All I knew is trying to play basketball and work hard in school and probably on a bike chasing some girls. Now, it’s 2011. ‘Pac has been passed. I got Tupac tatted on my arm. I ride for the west and it is what it is…It’s just the accusation. The dude who said that is facing life in prison, trying to get his term down. Cats will do anything to see the light of day again.” (Hot 97)

In 2009, the West Coast rapper imagined what differences there would be if Pac was never killed.

“#if2PACwasALIVE I probably wouldn’t be who I am today. his un-timely death is what motivated me to wanna put this sh*t on my back !!!,” he wrote. “& #ifBIGwasALIVE nobody would be runnin round talkin bout they the KING OF NEW YORK !!! he was hands down that n*gga !!! #ifBIGwasALIVE Tianna & lil CJ would have a father this X-mas ! #if2PACwasALIVE Will Smith wouldn’t have a wife, cuz Jada was Pac’s gyrl….. #realtalk #if2PACwasALIVE he would be 37 years old. #if2PACwasALIVE him & Denzel would be fightin for movie roles…. cuz he was on his way to a OSCAR !!! #if2PACwasALIVE you could hit him @2PAC & he would hit you back just like I do ………. #realtalk #if2PACwasALIVE B.I.G. would still be alive !!! #nuffsaid.” (Game’s Twitter)

Check out a recent Game interview below:

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