Game Makes Wiz Khalifa “R.E.D.” Certified

Game Makes Wiz Khalifa “R.E.D.” Certified

West Coast rapper Game has announced rap newcomer Wiz Khalifa will be featured on his upcoming R.E.D. album.

Writing on Twitter, Game also revealed his co-sign of hip-hop rookie J. Cole.

“@jacquinnscales I think J.Cole is NIIICE ! I don’t think he’s gettin the notoriety he deserves but EVERYDAY someone NEW is turned onto em.,” Game tweeted Sunday (December 5).

“@BIGDLAKERS301 Wiz will DEFINITELY be on the R.E.D. album. Just holla’d at em yesterday & made it OFFICIAL” (Game’s Twitter)

Last month, Game tweeted and proclaimed writing the best song of his career.

“I just wrote the BEST SONG of my career & I owe 2 ALL OF YOU !!! You will understand when you hear it. #time2celebrate,” Game wrote Saturday (November 6) night.

“It’s called L.O.V.E. = “Let Our Violence End” produced byTIMBALAND” (Game’s Twitter)

In August, Game discussed the delay of his album, which was initially set to drop in late 2009.

“I think I should stop saying when the album is gonna be released and just say ‘when it’s released, just pick it up,’ man. And I think that no matter how long people wait, we’re not gonna get into a Detox situation and wait over 10 years for that…August 24th was real realistic to me until I started touring. Before I get really locked into it, when I get home on the 8th man…you know, it might still be the 24th once I talk to [Interscope CEO] Jimmy Iovine. He’s overseas and he gets back when I get back so I’ma sit down with him and have a meeting and we’ll play everything I got. I think I’m missing my huge single like “My Life,” or “Hate It or Love It,” or “One Blood.” And I think I really need to find that…Like I’m looking for a cross between “One Blood” and “Hate It or Love It.” And I think that it wouldn’t be successful or right for me if I put my album out before that.” (Complex)

Prior to receiving an indefinite release, Game addressed dropping on the same date as Drake‘s Thank Me Later debut last June.

“Nah man, it’s just a package deal, you should go and support hip-hop, go get Thank Me Later and go grab R.E.D. and you good,” Game said in an interview. “You know you’re good, then the next week you come back and buy Eminem, great. June is gonna be a big month. So no, it’s no competition. Everything don’t gotta be a competition and we’re not even the same type of [artist,] we’re not in the same lane. I respect what he does and I talked to him before, he’s a fan of mine so we’ll just keep it like that and put it out, people will go and buy them and who cares who’s number one, number two, it don’t make no sense to me because I’ve been around and sold millions of records already. I have nothing else to prove.” (Rap-Up TV)

A release date for the R.E.D. Album has not yet been announced.

Check out a recent Game interview below:

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