Game Makes Tony Parker & Nelly Burn, “Real N*ggas Know That That’s H*e Sh*t” [Audio]

Game Makes Tony Parker & Nelly Burn, “Real N*ggas Know That That’s H*e Sh*t” [Audio]

West Coast rapper Game has added a twist to Meek Mill‘s current “Burn” anthem by remixing the track and taking a couple shots at some notable celebrities.

On the revamped record, Game pokes fun at NBA star Tony Parker and fellow rapper Nelly.

“I’m in the kitchen going ham again, we ain’t throwing bottles, n*gga, we go and get them hammers then,” Game raps on the “Burn” remix. “Tony Parker suing, real n*ggas know that that’s h*e sh*t — Whoa, Nelly, where the f*ck is Nelly/Got a b*tch yelling ‘E.I.’ while a n*gga watching Belly/Got a b*tch that love T.I., got a b*tch that love Tunechi/Tell ‘em soo woo to the B.I., tell them h*es it’s all Gucci.” (“Burn” Remix)

Some bloggers feel Game may have used a portion of his verse to get at Drake and Chris Brown.

Game from the West coast brings us a brand new remix of Meek Mill and Big Sean‘s track titled ‘Burn’. On his verse however he addresses and calls out some of today’s biggest artists and fellow rappers including Drake and Chris Brown for their little brawl in New York recently where Chris was left with a split chin and other issues. He also has some words to exchange with fellow rapper Nelly. (Stupid Dope)

Around mid-June, Game offered his take on Breezy and Drizzy allegedly brawling at a New York City nightclub.

The Game knows a thing or two about celebrity feuds … and last night, the rapper had some advice for Chris Brown and Drake — squash that beef, ASAP. Game was leaving Roxbury nightclub in Hollywood when we asked about the bottle-throwing brawl in NYC. “Chris Brown is like my little brother, man … and Drake is a cool dude … they just need to cut that out. It ain’t worth it.” Game should know … he famously feuded with 50 Cent and G-Unit for years. But the rapper says he’s not in any hurry to help broker a peace treaty between his two friends — telling us, “I’m gonna stay out of their beef … it’s for the birds.” (TMZ)

San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker is currently suing the same nightclub for $20 million.

The club is also facing a $20 million lawsuit from NBA star Tony Parker over injuries he sustained in the fight. The suit centers around many of the same charges the club is facing from the liquor authority: they didn’t do enough to stop the fight, they didn’t have enough security working when the fight started, and they should have known better than to let two guys who’ve publicly feuded for the same girl into the club at the same time. Parker was in the V.I.P. section when the fight broke out, and suffered an injury to his cornea in the ensuing melee. An injury to his eye, the suit argues, isn’t exactly great for Parker’s basketball career. Therefore, $20 million please. (The Atlantic Wire)

Check out the “Burn” remix below:

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