Game Loads Back Up, Promises To “Kill Everything”

Game Loads Back Up, Promises To “Kill Everything”

After a brief run with reality television last year, West Coast rapper Game is back with a passion, announcing plans to drop an upcoming mixtape called Operation Kill Everything.

While details are still slim, the Black Wall Street head broke the news publicly this week.

“Almost done with my “Operation Kill Everything” mixtape !!!!!!! Y’all gone f*ck wit this hard !!! Let the workd know #OKE is comin !!! RT RT,” Game tweeted May 6th.

“RT @giz_mow: Can’t wait to hear @thegame verse fo bitch don’t kill my vibe – tomorrow. #OKE” (Game’s Twitter)

The rapper has been dealing with the recent loss of close friend and fellow hip-hop artist Michael “Frogg” Reshard.

“R.I.P to my lil homie “@cbp_frogg” Lil Frogg !!!!!! Just seen you yesterday…… I sware LIFE throws the most unexpected blows….. There are no words that could EVER express how I feel right now….. So I’m not going to express how I feel. I’m over here in tears man…. Nothing has hit me this hard in a minute !!!! DEVASTATED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m in fucking pieces !!!!!!! I LOVE YOU lil bro….. See you on the other side. King Frogg & @youngfrogg2 I’m here !!!!! #RIPLilFrogg #554″ (Game’s Instagram)

Game’s last solo effort, Jesus Piece, landed on the sales chart last December.

West Coast rapper Game’s Jesus Piece debuted on the chart this week at No. 5. With With a full week under his belt, the “Marrying the Game” star’s newest LP has pushed out 87,000 copies. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Despite heavy co-signs, some music critics pointed out a few flaws with his LP.

Game is able to mesh his brash raps while talking about his trials of spiritual growth – especially on “Heaven’s Arms” and “See No Evil,” with Kendrick Lamar and Tank. But the album takes a wrong turn on “Hallelujah,” where Game opens the song praising God with the use of profanity, rapping about the struggle to overcome his worldly desires during church services. Some have said the song is offensive, but don’t let this particular track overshadow the rest of this quality album. (Huffington Post)

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