Game, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Tyga & Wiz Khalifa Pop The Top Off In “Celebration” [Video]

Game, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Tyga & Wiz Khalifa Pop The Top Off In “Celebration” [Video]

West Coast rapper Game puts his hip-hop connects on full display in the new “Celebration” music video as Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Tyga and Wiz Khalifa all grace his Jesus Piece visual.

After weeks of speculation, Game’s new music video premiered online early Tuesday (September 18).

Freshly unveiled this morning is the official video for Game’s 1st single “Celebration” from his forthcoming album Jesus Piece. The Matt Alonzo directed visual for the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony “1st Of Da Month” influenced cut that features Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Tyga and Wiz Khalifa is a summer feel good affair, with lots of sunshine, ladies and park party vibes. Press play below and let us know what you think in the C-Section. (Soul Culture UK)

In late August, the Black Wall Street leader discussed the motivation behind its visuals.

“I grew up in Compton, California, and I’m a huge fan of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. This is my fifth album, and my whole career I’ve been trying to figure out how to flip ‘1st of Tha Month’ and I finally did it,” Game told us on Friday while taking a break from filming the song’s video. “I wanted to keep the feel of the song without taking too much of the original.” Game credits production duo Cool & Dre, as well as Sap, with coming up with the beat. Next he called his homey Chris Brown to sing the song’s chorus, putting a spin on Krayzie Bone‘s “We’re having a big celebration” from the original 1995 single. “Then it was all just picking up my iPhone. I called Wiz, I called Weezy, I called Tyga to do verses,” he said. (MTV)

He recently detailed why his previously titled F.I.V.E. underwent a name change.

Originally titled F.I.V.E. (Fear Is Victory’s Evolution), he changed it to Jesus Piece after Trey Songz released his similarly-titled album Chapter V. Game, who owns several Jesus pieces, told DJ Skee how he came up with the title. “I did a song with Kanye that was called ‘Jesus Piece,'” he said. “One day we was in the studio and Dre from Cool & Dre was just like, ‘We should call the album ‘Jesus Piece.” You know how much controversy that will be?” (Rap-Up)

A few days prior, he said the current popularity of the number five in music ultimately forced him to nix the original title.

“Trey Songz came with his album Chapter V, and of course 50 had 5 (Murder by Numbers), I just felt like I should jump off that wagon,” says Game. “So I went back into the studio and started doing songs that leaned more towards the title. I think people gon’ appreciate the concept once they hear the music. — Jesus Piece gives me an opportunity to speak about situations that people like me who love God but are still street and still wanna remain themselves without going the Pastor Mase route. It gives the opportunity to know that it’s somebody out there that feels them.” (VIBE)

Check out the “Celebration” music video below:

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