Game Lets Loose On Kim Kardashian & Amber Rose, “[Kanye West] F*ckin’ Kim K, N*gga Share That H*e” [Audio]

Game Lets Loose On Kim Kardashian & Amber Rose, “[Kanye West] F*ckin’ Kim K, N*gga Share That H*e” [Audio]

West Coast rapper Game has taken a few shots toward rap star Kanye West and a couple of his renowned love interests including current girlfriend Kim Kardashian and ex-wifey Amber Rose.

On his new “Pop That” freestyle, the rapper flaunts his notorious name drops.

The Compton rhyme slinger honed in on more targets on his latest freestyle over French Montana’s, “Pop That”–Kanye West and his relationship with Kim Kardashian. “Copped the Air Yeezy’s never wear that, though/You f*ckin’ Kim K, ni-a share that ho,” Game spit on the track. He also addresses Kanye’s former flame, Amber Rose. “Amber Rose ain’t got nothin’ on Maliah, Meagan Good ain’t got nothin’ on Chyna and I know Tyga, how I know Tyga?, Meagan Good ain’t got nothing on Chyna,” Game spits. “Sh*t…Japan ain’t got nothin’ on Chyna/Wish that was me, nothin’ on Chyna/D*mn, there I go again, I ain’t tryna start nothin’ about speakin’ nothin’ on Chyna!” (XXL Mag)

Back in summer 2009, while Rose and Ye were still together, Game called her out on his “I’m So Wavy” diss record.

“That’s Ye’s brother so I’ma give him some advice, get rid of Amber Rose/I know how she get down, I was at Diddy’s after party/Sippin’ on the Cris, she was whispering to Chris Brown/Then Chris turned his head like ‘No’/Then ‘Gold Digger’ came on, I pointed out like ‘H*e’/And this ain’t about her, this about Hov/I’m about to drop down the Roc and take it to the stove.” (“I’m So Wavy”)

In April, Dipset’s Cam’ron poked fun at KimYe and even gave Kardashian a not-so-flattering name.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were spotted out and about in NYC today. Kim K went on to post this picture of them wearing matching Jordan Cement 3’s. Meanwhile Cam’ron posted those tweets, with a picture I can’t post on this site. At this point everyone knows Kim K. is Kanye’s girl, so of course calling her a ho on twitter would be considered disrespectful to Kanye. (Real Talk NY)

This week, Game also took aim at NBA star Tony Parker and fellow rapper Nelly on another record.

“I’m in the kitchen going ham again, we ain’t throwing bottles, n*gga, we go and get them hammers then,” Game raps on the “Burn” remix. “Tony Parker suing, real n*ggas know that that’s h*e sh*t — Whoa, Nelly, where the f*ck is Nelly/Got a b*tch yelling ‘E.I.’ while a n*gga watching Belly/Got a b*tch that love T.I., got a b*tch that love Tunechi/Tell ‘em soo woo to the B.I., tell them h*es it’s all Gucci.” (“Burn” Remix)

Check out Game’s “Pop That” freestyle below:

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