Game Keeps Shading In R.E.D., Adds Maybach Music Rider

Game Keeps Shading In R.E.D., Adds Maybach Music Rider

West Coast rapper Game‘s R.E.D. Album guest features continue to grow as Maybach Music Group’s Wale is now slated to appear on the long-awaited LP.

Prior to being re-tweeted by Game, Wale broke the news of getting added to R.E.D.

“looks like ill be on the red album…shoutout my n*gga Game,” Wale tweeted July 9th. (Wale’s Twitter)

In early June, Game discussed what other guest appearances fans could expect to hear on the forthcoming project.

“The album changes, the dates change, the climate changes,Interscope changed and went in another direction for a minute and then they come back,” Game explained in an interview. “It’s just the business; sh*t gets pushed back. Either wait for it or don’t buy it. I don’t give a f*ck. I never beg anybody to buy my albums…I think the people will appreciate the collaborations. Dr. Dre is actually rapping on this album. This is the first album that I’ve ever dropped where I have Dr. Dre’s voice actually on the album. Features range from Snoop Dogg to Pharrell to Wiz [Khalifa] to Trey Songz to Chris Brown, and Drake’s on the album. I got a good cast of all-stars.” (VIBE)

Last month, Game announced the latest release date following a conversation with Interscope Records CEO Jimmy Iovine.

“#alliwantis for my fans to know that the R.E.D. album will be in-stores AUGUST 23rd !!! Thanks for the continuous love & support. #REDnation,” he tweeted Wednesday (May 17).

“Just got off a conference call with Jimmy Iovine & @interscope . Aug 23rd is the release date & it’s like a FAT GIRL….. It won’t move !” (Game’s Twitter)

Despite having three solo efforts already to his name, Game has labeled R.E.D. as his best to date.

“This album is the most incredible album of my career,” Game promised in an interview. “First, I’m back with Dr. Dre, which is a bonus and dope for me. Second, executive-produced by Pharrell, co-executive-produced by myself and Mars…And Dre’s rapping on the album.” (MTV)

Game’s R.E.D. Album is slated to drop Tuesday, August 23rd.

Check out a recent Game interview down below:

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