Game Hits Reset On Whoopie Goldberg & Ciara, “Her Toes Look Like Dwayne Wade Hands”

Game Hits Reset On Whoopie Goldberg & Ciara, “Her Toes Look Like Dwayne Wade Hands”

While West Coast rapper Game may be known for publicly going after Jay-Z and 50 Cent, over the weekend he took on female R&B star Ciara and famed TV personality/comic Whoopie Goldberg.

Slapping Goldberg with a quick one-liner, Game focused the majority of his attention poking fun of CiCi’s feet.

“#WhatiDontFindAttractive Chicks wit more than 3 corns on they toes wearing sandals…… C’mon b!tch, you killin us out here !!!,” Game tweeted December 4th.

“Yo toes UGLY AS F*CK girl !!! don’t u take yo a** nowhere near a Nail Salon. You go to Home Depot immediately & get them DAWGS sawed OFF !!!”

“#WhatiDontFindAttractive Whoopi Goldberg in Liquid pants”

“(Every N*gga In The World’s voice) I mean Ciara kinda cute but her toes look like Dwayne Wade hands”

“Put a championship ring on them muhf*ckas ha ha ha ha…. #DemSh*tsKray”

“Look like she kick field goals for the Atlanta Falcons”

“N*gga them shi*z ah poke holes in some # 9’s after 1 wear.”

“But before I go….. Somebody tell me what this lil toe on the end doing ?!?!?! That mothaf*cka got nose bleed seats” [sic] (Game’s Twitter)

In summer 2010, Game also taunted R&B singer Christina Milian‘s feet.

“@avanterose yo old rat is Dream’s new wifey , Told u she Wouldn’t Get Far (My Voice). Never Make A H*e A House Wife (kurupt voice)”

“That n!gga Dream look like Carl Winslow out there blood……. & wit that Belly blood need to be in “BELLY 3″ straight to VHS.”

“I know Christina feet aint the bizness & all but, d*mn….. you leave her & the baby for L.A.’s version of “MASTER SPLINTER” ?#dayyyyyyyyum” (Game’s Twitter)

In July, Game took no shame in publicly going after female rapper Kreayshawn on his “Uncle Otis” diss record.

Bay Area newcomer Kreayshawn landed in Game’s cross-hairs, too. The “Gucci Gucci” rapper raised his ire for her tweet where she paraphrased DMX and used the N-word. Despite not uttering it conversation and later explaining that she doesn’t say the word herself, Game said her use was flagrant enough for him. “You can’t be playing with that word, some people will take it serious,” he explained. “Especially coming from someone that’s [not black]. There’s a lot of tragic history behind it.” (XXL Mag)

In late November, the rapper said he is no longer focused on beefing with artists.

“I got love for [Tim] Westwood. The Jay-Z sh*t? Who cares. 50 [Cent]? Who cares? I don’t care about that. All I care about is my fans, my kids, my family and my friends, man. Game, Westwood, y’all know what it is. We’re gonna be here until it’s all said and done. … Nah, Big Sean is a cool kid, man. I ain’t got no beef with nobody. And plus, don’t nobody want no f*cking beef with me anyway because it could get real serious.” (Tim Westwood TV)

Check out some recent Game footage below:

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