Game Gives Lil Wayne & Chris Brown A High “F.I.V.E.”

Game Gives Lil Wayne & Chris Brown A High “F.I.V.E.”

West Coast rapper Game is relying on the likes of Grammy-winning spitter Lil Wayne and R&B star Chris Brown for his upcoming F.I.V.E. (Fear Is Victory Evolving) album with reports claiming they have landed spots on the LP’s newest single.

While details are still coming together, producer Sap said the single could drop as early as next weekend.

“I actually produced this record for Game called ‘F.I.V.E.,’ featuring Chris Brown and Lil Wayne,” the Delaware based producer revealed to “That should be dropping anytime now. Supposedly it’ dropping Memorial Day Weekend, but I’m not sure.” The track is on pace to be the first new music released from Game’s upcoming album. “It’s not a South beat. It’s more of an up tempo beat, but it’s not a club record. It’s more of a traditional hip-hop beat, like a hard sample. It’s Game’s style but it’s still something you can hear Wayne on, too.” (XXL Mag)

Last month, Game announced Miami’s DJ Khaled would co-executive produce the record.

“COOLANDDRE Just got off the horn wit @djkhaled & made it official. He’s co-executive producing F.I.V.E with me ! #WeDaBest #BW$MG #Epidemic,” he tweeted. (Game’s Twitter)

While a definitive decision still lingers, Game recently hinted at going independent after F.I.V.E.‘s release.

“Independent. That seems like a really, really good move where I can capitalize off of all the finances being made off of my music for once. But, I don’t know, I kinda like having a lot of help, a lot of assistance from a big label,” Game told MTV News. “I don’t know, maybe we’ll have a meeting about a lot of money or I’ll be talking to my conscience.” (MTV)

Outside of music, the rapper recently talked about his love for the Los Angeles Dodgers and wanting to see new co-owner Magic Johnson rock a facial tattoo.

“Yo, man. I was gonna recommend that Magic gets the same tattoo I have but just the blue star. I think that’d be so cool. I talked to [Dodgers star] Matt Kemp in the club a couple of weeks ago,” Game said in an interview. “I even brought that up, that Magic should get a face tat. He was like, ‘I don’t know.’ Hopefully, man. He’s gonna see what he can do. I think it’d be dope. We’ll see. It’s Magic. Stars are affiliated with magic. Even at Disneyland, when Mickey wears the little magic hat, it’s got stars on it. So what I’m saying is it might be a good look for Magic, man.” (ESPN)

Check out some recent Game footage below:

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