Game & G-Unit’s 40 Glocc Clash In Los Angeles, “Wasn’t No Fight, I Couldn’t Swing Back W/ Guns On Me”

Game & G-Unit’s 40 Glocc Clash In Los Angeles, “Wasn’t No Fight, I Couldn’t Swing Back W/ Guns On Me”

West Coast rap rivals Game and 40 Glocc reportedly clashed late Saturday (July 7) night in Los Angeles and took to Twitter to go at each other’s necks following their altercation.

Reports of their physical brawl surfaced online late Saturday evening.

After leaving a mansion party in Los Angeles, G-Unit affiliate 40 Glocc had guns pulled on him by Game’s crew and got attacked. According to 40 Glocc, Game has around 12 people with him and had 4 guns pointed at him. 40 Glocc was alone when the attack happened. According to 40 Glocc’s twitter, Game pulled a pistol on him. Apparently, Game’s crew took video footage of the altercation, which may be posted soon. 40 Glocc posted a photo of himself smiling after the fight, showing damage to his eye and nose. 40 Glocc has a long history of beef with Game and his Black Wallstreet crew. In May of 2011, 40 Glocc was involved in a massive club brawl with Black Wallstreet member Menace. (24 Hour Hip Hop)

Game quickly hopped on Twitter to boast about what went down.

“”A F*ck N*ggguh That’s That Sh*t I Don’t Like” bang bang “A Snitch N*ggguh That’s That Sh*t I Don’t Like”” (Game’s Twitter)

40 Glocc provided a play-by-play of what allegedly took place.

“Stop jumpin a n*gga & not knockin a n*gga out! Give that head up! LoL”

“I just got jump, see wht happen when u passive wit weeniesz! Lol, The weenie recorded it, let see how he edit it”

“Lol! N*ggaz pulled burners on me to jump me! Lol. It don’t get no p*ssier then that! ?#ZooLife?”

“Me after gettin jump by this pu*ssy @TheGame lol! Ya homie got me in the eye wit that lucky kick lol!″

“Wasn’t no fight I couldn’t swing bak wit guns on me RT @Bambinowest: That fight gone be the TLK of the Summer wit @40GLOCC & @THEGAME” (40 Glocc’s Twitter)

Last year, another incident between 40 Glocc and Game’s camp popped off.

“@ComptonMenace why you beat the f*ck out that boy like dat blood. You know better than picking on lil n*ggaz ha ha ha,” he tweeted May 22nd.

“Hood news: 40 cock goes down in the 1st round at the hands of the real “Big Baby” @ComptonMenace ha ha ha…. BUSTER (Mc Eiht voice)” (Game’s Twitter)

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