Game Doesn’t Want Big Sean Feud But Ready, “Ain’t Never Lost A Rap Beef & I Never Will! I Wrote ‘300 Bars'”

Game Doesn’t Want Big Sean Feud But Ready, “Ain’t Never Lost A Rap Beef & I Never Will! I Wrote ‘300 Bars'”

West Coast rapper Game has clarified his “Uncle Otis” jab toward G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean and said while he hopes to avoid any rap beef, he is ultimately prepared if need be.

Hitting up his Twitter page, Game responded to fans asking if he has an active beef with Sean.

“@thegame Big Sean coming for yo head next BOI! LHH,” Game re-tweeted July 29th.

“@LiquidGotti It’ll be the END of em if he do. RETWEET THAT !!!”

“Aint NEVER LOST a rap beef & I NEVER WILL !!! #iWroteThreeHundredBars little do you n*ggas forget !!!”

“@AaronFly92 I aint diss Big sean YET. All I said was “Benni Han Han don’t sell no f*ckin’ Won Tons” . LISTEN BETTER BOI”

“#UncleOtis wasn’t a diss record. That was me & the homies in the studio wasted LAUGHING & JOKIN. If I get serious…. #HeadsGoneRoll”

“@KeepItCrispy__ I don’t agree. Big Sean be spittin some sh*t. Leave it at that ! & Benni Han Han STILL dont serve no f*ckin won tons ha ha”

“AINT NO BEEF wit dat boi. But if y’all are able to GET the lil n*gga to bust a shot this way I WILL BE MORE THAN PREPARED !!!” (Big Sean’s Twitter)

Earlier in the week, Sean downplayed Game’s “Uncle Otis” shot.

“[Game’s ‘Otis’ diss?] I didn’t even take it as a diss. I took it as him doing what he do. Don’t he got an album that’s about to come out?” (“The Breakfast Club”)

On Game’s “Uncle Otis” diss, the rapper references Sean’s “My Last” bars where he mistakenly cited Japanese restaurant Benihana for selling Chinese-made wontons.

“Here’s a dome shot to this n*gga named Otis,” Game raps. “N*ggas think they the coldest/But n*gga you just the oldest/N*ggas be chasing their youth, but it’s gone/This n*gga didn’t even want to put you on/He turned around, put on Sean/But forgot to tell him Beni Han-han/Don’t sell no f*ckin wontons — If you invented swag, then I invented gangsta/Got one in the chain, but your throat is now in danger/And I don’t wear no Gucci Gucci Fendi Fendi Prada/I’m charged in Louis Vuitton, you n*ggas/Ain’t saying nada/Lil white b*tch, better say in your place/You call me a n*gga, I’mma put the K in your face” (“Uncle Otis”)

Following the track’s release, Game said his remarks were meant to only be playful.

“It’s poking jokes and taking shots, but that’s what I do,” Game said. “I’m just shooting in the dark, when I turn on the lights if a couple of motherf*ckers is down, I got to get up out of there. Anybody that takes it personal, they really shouldn’t but if you do, we can go there.” (XXL Mag)

Check out “Uncle Otis” below:

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