Game Dishes Out Truth Behind Falling Back On VH1 Reality Show

Game Dishes Out Truth Behind Falling Back On VH1 Reality Show

West Coast rapper Game has come clean on why he hesistated to put his personal life on full display with VH1 over the summer and explained how “Marrying the Game” got back up-and-running.

Game said the stress behind putting together a wedding forced the big day to get postponed along with the reality show.

“You can see the woman that you love turn into a monster right before your eyes,” the 32-year-old father of three told ABC News Radio on how planning a wedding affected their relationship. “Reality set in. There were infidelity issues on my part…and I think after a woman’s [been] cheated on I don’t think you ever, ever really regain that trust 100 percent.” (ABC News Radio)

Despite his issues, the former G-Unit member revealed fiancée Tiffney Cambridge pushed for the show’s production.

Regardless, Game said his 37-year-old fiancée “found the heads of VH1 and started taking her own meetings” to forge ahead with the reality show, a move he’s concerned about since he’s worked to keep his relationship out of the glare of media and public opinion. “I kept her away because I didn’t want her in the light because I felt it could harm or hurt her,” he admitted. “And she wasn’t ready. It’s a lot to deal with. And then on the other hand, I was trying to keep it player.” (ABC News Radio)

Last week, Game admitted his wife-to-be would prefer him in another career field.

“She would rather me be a fireman, even if I had to go sleep at the firehouse three nights a week. She’s rather me be a policeman, even if it means I might die every night I go out to work,” Game told MTV News of his lady, his co-star in VH1’s upcoming reality series “Marrying the Game.””She’d rather me be a trash man, even if it meant picking up sh– and shoveling dirt all day, than a rapper.” (MTV)

In September, the platinum-selling rapper revealed how big a role money played in the show’s production.

“We got a good lil’ deal, we got d*mn near a mil, so that’s what really made me do it, it’s that wifey kept complaining about, you know, she’s a school teacher, she makes a good six figures but she wanted some more money, man, so she talked me into doing it and she got her money and didn’t really care about my end. She kept most of the money and left me with about $100 grand. She got about $900 [thousand]. So yeah, that’s how it happened.” (“Jenny Boom Boom TV”)

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