Game Discusses Delayed Black Wall Street Movement

Game Discusses Delayed Black Wall Street Movement

West Coast rapper Game recently discussed stalling his Black Wall Street movement and explained why the label’s first release won’t be until next year.

Game believes the best strategy for his label is to make a strong underground impact first.

“I think about early 2011,” Game said when asked about an official Black Wall Street imprint debut. “We just now starting to get these mixtapes rolling. We did one with DJ Skee, The Red Room, that was crazy, and online critics loved it. And then we about to put out another mixtape with [DJ] Drama then one more with Skee, and that’ll cover the rest of the year. Then at the top of the year, we will be coming out with probably a compilation or before next summer, or something like that, depending on how everybody’s work ethic is and how my touring is. We got the cover of Murder Dog this month, and you know I’m laying the foundation.” (Hip Hop DX)

Game reportedly launched the Black Wall Street imprint following his 2005 departure from G-Unit.

After leaving G-Unit Records, Game launched The Black Wall Street in the hope of competing with his former label and label mates. The name “Black Wall Street” was inspired by the historic black community of Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was one of the most affluent all-black communities in the USA. (Wikipedia)

Last April, Game talked about having female rapper Kanary Diamonds join DJ Skee and Nu Jerzey Devil on Black Wall Street.

“She been putting’ it down for a while out here in L.A., she from Watts so I always liked her style and I always gave her advice over the years like she could be a little more confident, and a little more charismatic and feline’ herself. She finally got it down so I pulled her in, and we did some stuff for the mixtape. Look for her soon, everybody diggin’ her though. Just look out for her.” (Dub CNN)

Game is currently working on his new album, R.E.D., which he plans to drop this August.

“Oh & by the way……. R.E.D. Album in stores August “Kobe’s #” ha ha ha…. That’s August 24th for anybody that don’t speak LAKER fluently,” Game revealed in an early June tweet.

“I pushed my album back so it would land on Kobe’s #’s …. 8 & 24 n it’s year 10′ n that was his Olympic #. R.E.D. In stores 8-24-10 ! #KOBE.” (Game’s Twitter)

Check out footage of Black Wall Street down below:

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