Game Defends ‘White B*tch’ Kreayshawn Diss

Game Defends ‘White B*tch’ Kreayshawn Diss

Although Game has clarified his new “Uncle Otis” Jay-Z diss track is more playful than serious, the West Coast rapper said his shots at Kreayshawn for using the derogatory term “n*gga” are authentic.

In Game’s eyes, the word is too disrespectful to let the West Coast newcomer get away with.

Bay Area newcomer Kreayshawn landed in Game’s cross-hairs, too. The “Gucci Gucci” rapper raised his ire for her tweet where she paraphrased DMX and used the N-word. Despite not uttering it conversation and later explaining that she doesn’t say the word herself, Game said her use was flagrant enough for him. “You can’t be playing with that word, some people will take it serious,” he explained. “Especially coming from someone that’s [not black]. There’s a lot of tragic history behind it.” (XXL Mag)

On “Uncle Otis,” Game plays off Kreay’s “Gucci Gucci” record and warns the rapper of her n-wordplay.

“And I don’t wear no Gucci Gucci Fendi Fendi Prada/I’m charged in Louis Vuitton, you n*ggas/Ain’t saying nada/Lil white b*tch, better say in your place/You call me a n*gga, I’mma put the K in your face” (“Uncle Otis”)

In May, Kreayshawn caused some tensions to flare after dropping the N-Bomb on Twitter.

“People are actin so funny omg lol… I got 200k views… not 200k dollars… WTF YOU WANT FROM A N*GGA?! *DMX VOICE*,” she tweeted May 20th. (Kreayshawn’s Twitter)

She later came forward and said the controversial word does not exist in her rhymes.

“If I’m freestyling and I said it, that’s just for that point in time. Any songs I’m writing I don’t use it,” Kreayshawn said about the “N-word”. “In Oakland, Asian people will call Mexicans that. A Mexican will call a black dude that. A white person will call an Asian that. Everyone calls each other that. I feel like that word is used in the low-income community more than anything. I can see if I was some rich crazy trick and I was just saying this because it’s hip-hop. I was raised around this. Me and my sisters were all raised around this. People call me that. But personally I’m not flaunting it around.” (Voice Online)

Check out “Uncle Otis” below:

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