Game Credits Bloody Beatdown For Saving G-Unit Affiliate’s Life

Game Credits Bloody Beatdown For Saving G-Unit Affiliate’s Life

West Coast rapper Game shared an odd perspective this week when he discussed physically attacking G-Unit affiliate 40 Glocc last summer by saying the one-sided fight had a positive impact on his music rival.

Game said it took an old-fashioned whooping to help 40 Glocc follow the right path in life.

“One day 40 Glocc was bullying rappers,” Game started to explain on Wednesday’s “RapFix Live,” referencing past altercations 40 had separately with Lil Wayne, Plies and Jamie Foxx. “Then I beat on him and now he’s doing more inspirational tweets. You see how I changed that man’s life? Saved him from the streets and that’s what I’m talkin’ about Jesus Piece.” (MTV)

Earlier in the week, Game said 40 slightly fabricated their face-to-face brawl.

“I smashed him, smashed him,” Game said when asked about the 40 Glocc situation. “You gotta break it down, man, you gotta break it down. I smashed him. He said he got smashed. Little fabrication in there, he said we pulled weapons out and he got jumped. We’ll be back, man. Don’t worry about it.” (Funkmaster Flex Show)

In late October, the Compton emcee promised to fight 40’s lawsuit in court.

Now, Game has responded to the lawsuit on Twitter — saying, “@40glocc I’m gone beat yo ass again & again you p*ssy !!!” Game — who never denies the allegations — adds, “Called police & a lawyer cuz I beat yo azz. SuperCrip got his cape snatched !!!” 40’s lawyers have gotta be lovin’ this. A rep for The Game tells TMZ … Game feels the lawsuit is “bulls**t” and he plans to fight the case in court. (TMZ)

He also initially hopped on Twitter to lash back at 40’s legal tactic.

“Police came to my crib & tried to serve me papers for @40glocc sueing me….. Sorry, I’m playing XBOX.. Try again later. #ThisN*ggaAH*eCake,” Game tweeted Saturday (October 27).

“@40glocc SUPER-THUG turned INFORMANT !!!!!!”

“@40glocc & his girlfriend at the senior prom…. Always had b*tch in you.. It was only a matter of time befo” (Game’s Twitter)

Check out 40 Glocc speaking on the fight:

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