Game Cops Another 50 Cent Plea, “I’m Always Open To Chopping It Up”

Game Cops Another 50 Cent Plea, “I’m Always Open To Chopping It Up”

Former G-Unit member Game is not done with his attempts to mend his estranged relationship with 50 Cent, as witnessed on his new Purp & Patron mixtape single, “Dead”.

With rhymes such as “What up 50, let’s talk it out” on the record, Game said his calling out to the G-Unit leader was heartfelt.

Turns out, the West Coast MC is prepared to make peace with just about everyone–including his nemesis. “Man, I’ll have a sit-down with anybody. I’m not opposed to anything,” Game told “That was just a lyric in a song that breeded maybe hope for some fans out there. Not necessarily saying that’ll ever happen, but I’m always open to chopping it up and letting bygones be bygones to any situation in life pretty much–unless it persists to piss me off or rub me uneasy. But other than that, I’m game.” (Rap-Up)

In mid-2010, Game said he was open to reunion talks with the Unit.

“It’s a new day and it’s really time to get money you know what I’m saying — So all I’m saying is why not get out here wing it like Voltron and sh*t,” Game said in an interview. “Bring it back full circle and make some motherf*ckin’ money…I wasn’t opposed to it…He got an ego. I got an ego. Ain’t nobody apologizing. Ain’t nobody saying that they was wrong, but you ain’t gotta do that to make amends. You just gotta get together, do the sh*t, and you can do it for the sake of money. We don’t gotta break no peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in half and do the sh*t. Come to an agreement as men, get the sh*t done like men.” (Hip Hop DX)

However, in October 2010, the Unit’s Lloyd Banks grew skeptical of Game’s pleas.

“I mean, G-Unit is in tact,” Banks told DJ Vlad in an interview after being asked about a reunion. “At the end of the day, man, Game, he knows. He knows the history the same way we do. We all know what was said, the actions that were took. Some things you don’t get passed, you know what I’m saying? At this point on, I’m really not concerned with it. I’m just pushing what Banks gotta do, getting my brand going. I mean, if everything’s gravy, you wouldn’t hear those possibilities come up. If everything was going on, and platinum albums and selling them on their own and all that sh*t, the last thing you would hear is a peace treaty…It’s only so long you can stand off the hype of somebody else. That’s like the whole thing when everybody was saying G-Unit this, G-Unit that, G-Unit ain’t relevant. How the f*ck does somebody tell you that. You’re not supposed to hear that. If you heard that I’m not relevant, that means I’m well, live, relevant. They’re talking about me…” (Vlad TV)

50 Cent later addressed Game’s interest in re-linking and shared his opinion on the real reason behind a reunion attempt.

“I heard that,” Fif said when told about Game wanting to re-join G-Unit. “It was six songs, they put out six joints and ain’t nothing buzzing. They thought anti-50 as opposed to pro-50. You know what I think? I think once I stopped arguing, the interest dropped. Because as long as there’s an argument, you’re as interesting as the people you’re actually arguing with. So even with Rick Ross and all the people I went back and forth with, that was good for them on the other level. I’m really not interested in working with him because I don’t understand exactly why that happened. If I did something wrong, like, [Lloyd] Banks had a legitimate reason to be upset with me at one point. His pops passed away and his moms was in a car accident, he shut down because he didn’t see the response he was looking for from the Rotten Apple record and I was a little insensitive in those areas because I didn’t know my father and I lost my mother when I was eight. So I don’t see a reason why I should stop pushing. If your pops passes away — depression is a luxury I can’t afford.” (Hot 97)

Game and 50 Cent parted ways in early 2005 due to internal conflicts.

Check out a recent 50 Cent interview below:

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