Game Confirms Civil Case Pay-Out, “I Settled That For A Couple Stacks”

Game Confirms Civil Case Pay-Out, “I Settled That For A Couple Stacks”

West Coast rapper Game confirmed reaching a $30,000 settlement in his recent civil case which stemmed from an alleged basketball court assault.

According to the rapper, he settled his lawsuit by paying out damages to the victim.

Game revealed to that he coughed up somewhere between $20,000 and $30,000 to settle a lawsuit that stemmed from an alleged 2007 incident during a basketball game in Los Angeles. “I settled that for a couple stacks,” Game casually admitted to XXL. “About $20, $30 G’s nothing serious.” (XXL Mag)

The settlement was reportedly reached last month.

The resolution was reached last week between coach Shannon Rodrick and rapper Jayceon “The Game” Taylor, according to Taylor’s lawyer, Lonnie J. Brandon. The settlement includes payment of some money to Rodrick, Brandon said, but he declined to say how much. Brandon also said his client is happy to have the case behind him, and that the the accord was achieved partly because of more reasonable demands from attorneys for the coach. Rodrick’s lawyers, Portasha Moore and Rosely George, could not immediately be reached. Jury selection had been scheduled to begin in trial of the suit today in Los Angeles Superior Court. (Southern California Public Radio)

The rapper’s fate was scheduled to be determined on March 22.

A judge may decide Monday if a rapper’s felony conviction for threatening a coach with a gun after an adult league basketball game can be used against him in a civil damages suit. Shannon Rodrick claims Jayceon “The Game” Taylor, 30, punched him and later displayed a handgun at the Rita Walters Learning Complex in South Los Angeles on Feb. 24, 2007, while Rodrick was coaching an opposing team. Lonnie J. Brandon, Taylor’s attorney, said that the singer did not use a gun, but entered the plea to put the criminal case behind him. Brandon also said Rodrick initiated the physical confrontation on the ball court because he saw an opportunity to try to make money from it. The lawyer also said Rodrick should not be able to claim emotional distress because he was robbed eight to 10 times while working at liquor stores. Brandon said Taylor’s damages claim from the alleged weapon threat by Taylor is questionable. (Los Angeles Wave News)

Last month, court documents showed that Game wanted to disconnect his gangster ties while the case proceeded.

Gangster rapper The Game doesn’t want to be referred to as a gangster rapper anymore — but it’s not because he’s changing professions … it’s because he’s trying to win a court case. In the new documents, the gangster rapper is asking the judge to 86 all references to him being a gangster or gangster rapper during the trial … because he’s afraid it would prejudice the jury against him. In the docs, the gangster rapper also doesn’t want any mention of his lyrics during the trial … because they contain references to violence and profanity. (TMZ)

No further details have been revealed as of now.

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