Game Clowns 50 Cent’s Street King: “[I’m Giving] This Nasty Sh*t To The Homeless”

Game Clowns 50 Cent’s Street King: “[I’m Giving] This Nasty Sh*t To The Homeless”

West Coast rapper Game appears to still have issues with ex-boss 50 Cent, publicly taunting the G-Unit leader’s Street King energy shot brand this week.

Game hopped on Instagram yesterday (September 25) and released a photo of himself in one of 50’s alleged SK vehicles.

“The driver seen me coming & [ran] !!! Now I’m headed to skidrow to give this nasty sh*t to the homeless #JesusPiece,” Game wrote on Instagram Tuesday (September 25). (Game’s Instagram)

Last month, Game took to Twitter and poked fun at estranged G-Unit member Tony Yayo.

“RT @TonyYayo: Who started Gunit me thats who. – uh oh, 50 gone cut off yo health benefits & stop ya Vitamin water shipments u keep it up lol,” Game re-tweeted and wrote August 11th. (Game’s Twitter)

Despite his issues with Yayo and 50, Game patched past problems with Unit affiiliate DJ Whoo Kid last June.

“Hey Whoo Kid, man, you know what it is,” Game told Whoo Kid. “I’m telling you, soon as I get off the phone, it’s everywhere. Eh, Ron-Ron hit me like, ‘Call up the Whoo Kid,’ I looked at the man, I had to put my iPhone way back and look at it. I’m like, ‘Yo, this n*gga just texted me like, ‘Call up the Whoo Kid?’ F*ck it. Whoo Kid’s my dude. I ain’t talked to [you] in a while. … [G-Unit reunion?] If it’s an opportunity to make some money, then it’s all good. If not, you know 50 [Cent] let his ego go, that’s good too but I’m all good. I’m not tripping off nobody until somebody’s tripping. Then I’m going to turn it all the way up.” (“G-Unit Radio”)

Back in March, the rapper reflected on his mid-2000’s beef with Fif.

“That was short-lived,” Game said referring to his feud with 50. “It lasted about about a year or two and it took up a lot of my time and frustrated me and a lot of people. So I phased that out once I started working on my third album, my second album. Now I’m starting the fifth, so. … I think I was a little bit more wise and I’m from Los Angeles and I just didn’t follow straight into that trap. … I think it has a lot more to do with the fans and the critics egging it on and what it does to two enemies, which were me and 50 and sometimes it gets out of your hands and you can’t control it.” (KTLA)

Check out Game speaking to DJ Whoo Kid below:

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