Game Clashes W/ LA Rap Vet: “Since You Want Fame, Come Get Yo A** Beat”

Game Clashes W/ LA Rap Vet: “Since You Want Fame, Come Get Yo A** Beat”

West Coast rapper Game is struggling to stay beef-free in the new year, publicly clashing with a fellow Los Angeles hip-hop artist over Twitter.

Rap veteran Gonzoe struck first by calling out Game for allegedly dissing him on his new Jesus Piece solo album “Heavens Arm” song.

“I heard #TheGame said sumthing about #Gonzoe on his new album#JesusPeace ? Do i gotta clown that stripper again? Who heard it?,” Gonzoe tweeted January 2nd.

“I don’t listen to that garbage so I wouldn’t know”

“If that f*g said anything on that bum a** album im on his head that n*gga bet not said my name if so im finna show out!”

“This b*tch a** n*gga #Game lol n*gga just f*ced up” (Gonzoe’s Twitter)

Never one to back down from a challenge, Game denied throwing any jabs at the rapper but welcomed a full-fledged dispute.

“RT @imGONZOE: This chess not checkers! – i was talkin bout the muppet baby Gonzo f*ck boy… But since you want FAME.. Come get yo a** beat.,” he tweeted.

“When will these b*tch a** n*ggas learn. Now out of nowhere comes anotha bum a** rapper dat want his a** whooped. Who next, Kermet & Ms Piggy”

“RT @AyoJuelz: @thegame no. Don’t knock out another n*gga. U said u was gon chill- aite I’ll chill.. But he jump I’m gone “IBAKA” dat n*gga”

“ATTENTION: Don’t record a diss on me. It wont make it far. You better off running into this right hook. At least you’ll make it 2 WorldStar”

“Y’all right. It’s 2013. I’m gone let that h*e sleep on his decision. But I’m tellin you If I see em’ n he flex, I’m pullin out the iPhone !” (Game’s Twitter)

Instead of taking Game’s warning seriously, Gon promised to drop a diss at the former G-Unit member.

“@thegame wat u say on that song b*tch a** boy? Nose like #Gonzoe?? Lol u wack the line was wack now im bout to end ur career f*g!”

“He know he cant say sh*t like that know after gameova2 he know wat he doing fuc that ex stipper im finna go in loc fuc him and his friends”

“Studio session early! @thegame ur done h*mo.” (Gonzoe’s Twitter)

Gonzoe’s rap career reportedly stems from the early 1990’s with connections to the late 2Pac and Game’s one-time rap foe Yukmouth.

Ronald “Gonzoe” Moore was born on February 4th 1979 in Los Angeles, California. In the early 90s, he formed the rap trio Kausion along with his two friends, Cel and Kaydo. It didn’t take long before their talent were discovered by rapper O’shea “Ice Cube” Jackson, who signed them to his record label, Lench Mob Records, LLC. In October 1995, the late Tupac Shakur also signed with Death Row Records. Gonzoe and Tupac would soon meet each other through their manager, Sharita Knight. They became friends, went on tour and recorded three songs together, including “Die” and “This Life I Lead.” In 1997, he formed a new group, The Regime, with his cousin, Late “Phats Bossi” Bankoudagda, Jerold “Yukmouth” Ellis, Keith “Madd Maxx” Walker and Kenneth “Poppa L.Q.” (Last FM)

Check out Game’s “Heavens Arms”:

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