Game Channels 2Pac On Emotional Tribute: “It’s On Til The Motherf**ker Dead” [Audio]

Game Channels 2Pac On Emotional Tribute: “It’s On Til The Motherf**ker Dead” [Audio]

West Coast rapper Game decided to finally unload his feelings after losing a close friend earlier this year with the release of “Till We Meet Again (R.I.P. Frogg).”

Game released the tribute track for his slain pal heading into the weekend.

It’s never easiy losing someone near and dear to you. The Game is still mourning the death of one of his closest friends, Michael “Frogg” Reshard, who was killed last month to gun violence. Using a Pac-esque flow, Jayceon releases a tribute to his late homeboy. The Game lets his heart bleed through the track on this one. (Miss Info TV)

On the record, Game unloads his feelings and admits he wants justice for Frogg.

“My n*gga dead in his grave and I can’t wear this chain no more it got me feeling like a slave,” Game raps, “So I gave it to his pops in his memory/Loading up the glock, taking shots of that Hennessy/Laying on this table getting tatted/Don’t worry about who did it ’cause we at ‘em/That’s on the block, I know you standing next to Pac throwing up the West Side, Polo to the socks/And I’m selfish ’cause I want you here/But you gone so there’s chronic smoke in the air/And you know Bad A** got a hot head, so it’s on til the motherf*cker drop dead/And even though it won’t bring you back/I’m sitting on Rosegrand just me and my strap watching as the cars pass…” (“Till We Meet Again”)

Last month, Game hopped onto Twitter to unload his personal feelings about losing Frogg.

“Up late at the studio, barely can concentrate, thinkin they got my lil nigga somewhere at a fuckin morgue stretched out. SMFH. #RIPLilFrogg,” he tweeted April 1st.

“#RIPLilFrogg @cbp_frogg”

“On the way to workout & saw two kids jogging….. The one on the left was super swagged out… so I…”

“Day 57 (117): hurt & still devastated from my lil homie @cbp_frogg’s demise…. I still find a way to…” (Game’s Twitter)

He also used Instagram to let out his emotions and revealed how close he was to Frogg.

“R.I.P to my lil homie “@cbp_frogg” Lil Frogg !!!!!! Just seen you yesterday…… I sware LIFE throws the most unexpected blows….. There are no words that could EVER express how I feel right now….. So I’m not going to express how I feel. I’m over here in tears man…. Nothing has hit me this hard in a minute !!!! DEVASTATED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m in fucking pieces !!!!!!! I LOVE YOU lil bro….. See you on the other side. King Frogg & @youngfrogg2 I’m here !!!!! #RIPLilFrogg #554″ (Game’s Instagram)

Check out “Till We Meet Again”:

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