Game Caught On Tape In Near-Fight Altercation: “It Was Mayhem In The Streets” [Video]

Game Caught On Tape In Near-Fight Altercation: “It Was Mayhem In The Streets” [Video]

West Coast rapper Game is reportedly making headlines as new footage of him nearly getting himself into a nasty weekend fight has started to circulate online.

According to reports, a major incident took place following Game doing an on-street interview.

The Game was thiiiiiiiis close to jumping into a huge fight in Hollywood this weekend — even taking off his shirt in preparation for battle — but something crazy happened … his entourage held him back! Game had been partying at Lure Nightclub on Saturday night with some of his friends — but moments after he talked to TMZ about the Eazy-E hologram, a fight broke out across the street … and suddenly, it was mayhem in the streets. (TMZ)

It reportedly took his entourage pulling him back to avoid Game getting involved.

It’s unclear why or how Game was involved — but he was definitely PISSED … and clearly wanted to go beat someone’s ass. That’s when his entourage stepped in — one guy grabbed Game and physically restrained him … while some other guys readied the rapper’s car so they could get out of the situation before something bad happened. Game eventually left the scene … right as cops began to arrive. Props to the entourage — you guys are earning those Rolexes. (TMZ)

The news comes just weeks after he announced plans to drop a new mixtape project.

“Almost done with my “Operation Kill Everything” mixtape !!!!!!! Y’all gone f*ck wit this hard !!! Let the workd know #OKE is comin !!! RT RT,” Game tweeted May 6th.

“RT @giz_mow: Can’t wait to hear @thegame verse fo bitch don’t kill my vibe – tomorrow. #OKE” (Game’s Twitter)

The rapper has been dealing with the recent loss of close friend and fellow hip-hop artist Michael “Frogg” Reshard.

“R.I.P to my lil homie “@cbp_frogg” Lil Frogg !!!!!! Just seen you yesterday…… I sware LIFE throws the most unexpected blows….. There are no words that could EVER express how I feel right now….. So I’m not going to express how I feel. I’m over here in tears man…. Nothing has hit me this hard in a minute !!!! DEVASTATED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m in fucking pieces !!!!!!! I LOVE YOU lil bro….. See you on the other side. King Frogg & @youngfrogg2 I’m here !!!!! #RIPLilFrogg #554″ (Game’s Instagram)

Check out Game’s altercation:

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