Game Can’t Bling Bling Outta $91K Jewelry Debt

Game Can’t Bling Bling Outta $91K Jewelry Debt

West Coast rapper Game will have to once again dig into his pockets to handle a legal matter relating to unpaid expenses for customized jewelry.

Details on Game’s $91,000 case landed online Wednesday (February 9).

The Game is officially on the hook … again … this time for $90,999 — after the rapper allegedly failed to pay for some ridiculously expensive custom jewelry he commissioned over three years ago. An L.A. judge handed the order down last week … demanding Game — real name Jayceon Taylor — settle his astronomical balance with jewelry company Lemmerman’s Inc. stat. (TMZ)

Additional information claims Game ordered multiple customized jewelry pieces.

The order stems from an outstanding debt first made public in a complaint filed last year. The original filing asserted that Game received a 14k white gold chain with white stones and a 14k yellow gold chain with yellow stones for $15,000 apiece; a diamond stud for $4,000; a 14k white gold and a 14k yellow gold 5-row bracelet for $17,500 apiece; and two other golditems for $30,000. The overall debt amounts to $99,000, but Lemmerman’s claims that Game did manage to pay off some of his debt some years back. Since then, Game has refused payment on the items and now must tack on additional interest fees. (The Boom Box)

Last week, Game talked about having to pay his cousin Robert Kirkwood $50,000 in damages over a 2008 fight.

“To lose $50 grand ain’t nothing to a n*gga you know what I’m saying man,” Game explained in an interview. “I used to sleep in the back of a f*cking car man, so I ain’t trippin’, I was never even supposed to have any of this. I’m just blessed. By the grace of God I’ve been able to have longevity. Haters, n*ggas wanna see me fall and sue me, more power to you. I done did it all, I had Aston Martins, Lamborghini’s, n*gga I got a Porsche outside right now. Benz’s, houses, man. Sh*t man, I’m up to $70 grand-a-month, gases prices are going up, my kids shoe size’s is growing. [My son] Harlem is big as sh*t, he’s playing basketball, going to camps, I’m dishing out cheese like going broke is the sh*t!” (All Hip Hop)

Outside of legal matters, Game recently discussed supporting the Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers prior to last Sunday’s NFL championship game.

While the majority seem to be siding with Pittsburgh (not including Lil Wayne, of course), outspoken L.A. rapper the Game is putting all his chips behind the Green Bay Packers. “‘Green and yellow, green and yellow,'” the Game told MTV News. “They got the G’s on they helmet. You gotta go with the team with the G’s on their helmet.” (MTV)

Check out some recent Game footage down below:

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