Game Calls Out G-Unit Head: “[I] Ain’t Making Amends W/ 50 Cent – Still Trying To Find Out Where 50 Went” [Video]

Game Calls Out G-Unit Head: “[I] Ain’t Making Amends W/ 50 Cent – Still Trying To Find Out Where 50 Went” [Video]

West Coast rapper Game may no longer have any ideas of a G-Unit reunion going down in the near future after publicly taking a shot at one-time boss 50 Cent in a new freestyle.

Rapping on radio host Tim Westwood‘s overseas show, the former Unit member reminded fans he is not interested in peace talks.

“Game ain’t making amends with 50 Cent,” Game rapped in his freestyle. “Game still trying to find out where 50 went/Game ain’t the type of n*gga to f*ck with your favorite rapper on IG making them duck lips/Game ain’t at home, boy, Game in the UK, freestyling off the top, he like a toupee/Game got all the answers, I’m like two Ye’s/I’m an MCM, I’m f*cking on Tuesday/Game don’t do the Women Crush Wednesday, if I did then I was lying like Penn State/I’m the type of Game you don’t play/no Monopoly boards, no NBA” (“Tim Westwood TV”)

Despite releasing a handful of new records, ex-Unit member Young Buck also recently said he was not focused on teaming back up with 50.

“Nah, we definitely gonna be clear about that. This is not a G-Unit reunion. This is not me re-signing with G-Unit or none of that,” Buck clarified in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid. “This is just a real situation. This is a real dude that’s been doing real things. Speaking on yourself and me, at the same time, you’re a genuine dude. … It’s not a G-Unit reunion by far. I haven’t even spoken with 50 [Cent] in years. Like I say, man, I wish him all the best. I don’t got no ill will in me or none of that sh*T. I was taught from the very beginning, you can forgive but don’t forget.” (Shade 45)

Back in January, Fif discussed his thoughts on Buck trying to get his feet wet in the music biz again.

“I hope he get it. But for me, I couldn’t move forward with the things that I want if I was concentrating on holding someone else back. Buck is out and active, but even when saying you seen him doing stuff: Where are the other members? See what I’m saying. You see the news and all the video stuff, I guess they expect me to shoot it and do it.” (Complex)

A few months ago, Game admitted there were no plans to reunite with his former boss.

“No. [I’m feud-less?] That’s not true. I will tell you, I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday and, no, the dude collecting the carts hit my car with, like, 20 carts. He left a dent and we beefin’. [laughs] [G-Unit reunion?] Ah, [laughs], no, we couldn’t be further apart,” Game said when asked if a G-Unit reunion was near. “[Couldn’t be] further apart, man. We tried.” (“Arsenio”)

Check out Game’s freestyle:

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